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Thủy Tiên is a Vietnamese language pop singer from southern Vietnam. She has appeared on the long running Vietnamese diaspora variety show Paris By Night . Before emigrating from Vietnam she used to form a popular duet with fellow Paris By Night singer Thế Sơn. [1]

Vietnamese language official and national language of Vietnam

Vietnamese is an Austroasiatic language that originated in Vietnam, where it is the national and official language. It is the native language of the Vietnamese (Kinh) people, as well as a first or second language for the many ethnic minorities of Vietnam. As a result of Vietnamese emigration and cultural influence, Vietnamese speakers are found throughout the world, notably in East and Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and Western Europe. Vietnamese has also been officially recognized as a minority language in the Czech Republic.

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Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên Vietnamese-American singer, songwriter and music producer

Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên is a Vietnamese singer, songwriter, and master of ceremonies, notably co-hosting the Paris by Night series.

Nguyễn Thị Bình Vietnamese politician

Nguyễn Thị Bình is a Vietnamese communist leader and politician who negotiated at the Paris Peace Conference on behalf of the Viet Cong, or National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.

Ca trù

Ca trù also known as hát ả đào or hát nói, is an ancient genre of chamber music featuring female vocalists, with origins in northern Vietnam. For much of its history, it was associated with a geisha-like form of entertainment, which combined entertaining wealthy people as well as performing religious songs for the royal court.

<i>Paris by Night</i> television series

Paris by Night is a direct-to-video series featuring Vietnamese-language musical variety shows produced by Thúy Nga Productions. Hosted mainly by Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn and Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên, the series includes musical performances by modern pop stars, traditional folk songs, one-act plays, and sketch comedy.

Vietnamese Canadians, are Canadian citizens who have ancestry from Vietnam. There are 240,615 Vietnamese Canadians, most of whom reside in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec.

Tào Thế Lệ Thu, stage name Hồ Lệ Thu is a female pop singer from northern Vietnam.

Veronica Ngô Thanh Vân is a Vietnamese actress, singer and model. She is also known as Veronica Ngo or her initials NTV.

Lê Lâm Quỳnh Như, known professionally as Như Quỳnh, is a Vietnamese singer. Performing Vietnamese popular music in the diaspora, she is internationally known for her vocal style, as well as duets with musicians like Thế Sơn and Trường Vũ, with whom they have been noted to "link international Vietnamese music to Vietnam itself".

Hồ Mạnh Dũng, better known as Don Hồ is a Vietnamese American singer who is known for appearing in Paris By Night.

Siu Black Vietnamese singer

Siu Black is a prominent Vietnamese popular singer from the Central Highlands. She is a member of the Ba Na (Bahnar) ethnic group.

Phạm Phi Nhung is a Vietnamese-born American singer who specialises in Dan Ca and Tru Tinh music. She sings for Paris By Night and Van Son and also acts in their plays and Tinh production. She also has recorded music for Lang Van. She performed several duets with singer Mạnh Quỳnh throughout her career.

Như Loan is a Vietnamese singer who is currently signed under the music label Thúy Nga; one of the largest overseas Vietnamese music productions that is responsible for Paris By Night, a hit musical variety show. Như Loan was introduced to Thúy Nga Paris By Night through designer Calvin Hiep, whom she has modeled for in the past. She started her singing career as a back-up singer in Paris By Night and was later given the opportunity to sing on stage as a professional singer in Paris By Night 62. Như Loan sang her debut solo in Paris By Night 63 with the song “Men Say Tình Ái ”.

Thế Sơn is a Vietnamese language pop singer from southern Vietnam, and is a long-time member of the long running Vietnamese diaspora variety show Paris by Night. He performed in Paris By Night from July 1994 until July 2014.

Quang Lê is one of the top selling Vietnamese-American recording artists, renowned for his unique covers of many traditional Vietnamese songs created and written before, during and about the Vietnam War. Quang Lê has become a household name within the Vietnamese music industry worldwide, from the United States, to Canada, to France, to the United Kingdom, to Germany, to the Czech Republic, to Australia and back home in Vietnam. Quang Lê achieved success at a young age, with hits such as “Sương Trắng Miền Quê Ngoại”, “Đập Vỡ Cây Đàn”, “Đường Về Quê Hương” and “Tương Tư Nàng Ca Sĩ”. Many famous Vietnamese songwriters, such as Đinh Miên Vũ, personally write songs for Quang Lê to perform on the Thúy Nga Paris By Night stage.

Đông Nhi Vietnamese singer

Mai Hồng Ngọc, better known by her stage name Đông Nhi, is a Vietnamese singer. She studied at the Marie Curie High School, Ho Chi Minh City. Her career started as she introduced many of her projects which have brought her many awards such as The First Step (2009), The Singer (2012), Sau Moi Giac Mo (2012), I wanna dance (2013)...

Bằng Kiều singer

Nguyễn Bằng Kiều, is a Vietnamese male ballad singer.

Ngô Quang Tùng, known by his stage name Tommy Ngô, is a contemporary Vietnamese singer for Paris By Night. He was born in Đà Lạt, Vietnam, and lived in Saigon until 1975 when his family moved to the United States. He lived in Idaho for 19 years before moving to California. He is married to Lynda Trang Đài.

"Bonjour Vietnam" is a song composed by Marc Lavoine, co-written by Lavoine and Yvan Coriat, and recorded by Vietnamese-Belgian singer Quynh Anh. Lavoine said he was impressed by Quynh Anh's charm and talent as well as being touched by the feeling of a small girl who had never seen her homeland, so he wrote the song as a gift for her. The content of the song is about the longing of an overseas Vietnamese to the homeland.

Quynh Anh Pham is a Vietnamese-Belgian singer.

Vietnamese community in Paris

Paris is home to the oldest Overseas Vietnamese community in the Western world and is also one of the largest outside Vietnam. There are a little under 100,000 people of Vietnamese descent within the city limits of Paris, with the greater Île-de-France area home to another estimated 100,000. Both figures make the Paris metropolitan area host to one of the greatest concentrations of Vietnamese outside Vietnam, if not the largest.