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Thalavoor Thrikkonnamarkodu Durga Devi Temple Navarathri Mandapam.jpg
Navarathri Mandapam
Coordinates: 9°2′40″N76°49′46″E / 9.04444°N 76.82944°E / 9.04444; 76.82944
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Kollam
  Body Gram panchayat
  Total33.67 km2 (13.00 sq mi)
  Official Malayalam, English, Hindi
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code+91 475 .......
Vehicle registration KL-80
Nearest city Kollam
Nearest town Kottarakkara
Sex ratio 1069 : 1000 /
Lok Sabha constituencyMavelikkara
Kalathattu Thalavoor Thrikkonnamarkodu Durga Devi Temple Kalathattu.jpg
Kollam-Sengottai rail line near Thalavoor Railway line near Kuri railway station, Jan 2020.jpg
Kollam-Sengottai rail line near Thalavoor
Navagraha Mandapa Thalavoor Thrikkonnamarkodu Durga Devi Temple Navagraha Mandapa.jpg
Navagraha Mandapa
Durga Devi Temple Thalavoor Durga Devi Temple.jpg
Durga Devi Temple
Temple gate Thalavoor Thrikkonnamarkodu Durga Devi Temple Front view Near.jpg
Temple gate
St.Johns Church Stjohnsvadacode.JPG
St.Johns Church

Thalavoor is a village located in the district of Kollam in the Kerala state of India. It is 77 km to the north of the State Capital, Thiruvananthapuram, and 28 km to the east of District Capital, Kollam. Thalavoor village is bordered by Pattazhy village to the north, Pidavoor village to the north-east, Vilakkudy village to the south-east, Melila village to the south and Mylom village to the west. Thalavoor is a part of Pathanapuram Block Panchayat



In earlier times, this land was a part of Elayadathu Swarupam, a principality ruled by a branch of the Travancore Royal Family.[ citation needed ] Kottarakkara was the capital of Elayadathu Swarupam.


Up to 18th century, this land was a part of "Ilayidathu Swaroopam". At that time, most of the leaders (Malayalam: Thalavanmaar) in the Ilayidathu Swaroopam were from this place. They headed various departments of this royal dynasty. Hence this place came to known as "Thalavoor", meaning "Thalavanmaarude Ooru" i.e. "The Place of Leaders".[ citation needed ]


Geographical Location

Latitude  : 9°2'40"N

Longitude : 76°49'46"E

Sectors of Land

Outline map of Thalavoor village Thalavoor Village Outline Map.jpg
Outline map of Thalavoor village

The land of thalavoor is traditionally divided into six zones.


Thalavoor, like other parts of India, is governed by different levels of government such as the three tiers of 'Panchayatraj', namely Village, Block and Jilla and, of course, the state and central governments. The revenue and land administration has the village as the basic unit.

Wards of Thalavoor Gramapanchayath

Ward No.Ward NameWard Member
1PandithittaAnu Xavier Kadakampallil
2AmbalanirappuRajesh V.
4MeleppuraAnnamma Philip
5ParankimammukalVatsala A.
6PazhanjikkadavuPonnachan O.
7 Panampatta Biju T.M.
8 Pidavoor Radhamohanan G.
9AruvitharaRadhakrishnan N.
10KamukumcheriSanthosh Kumar K.R.
11ChittasherySuresh Kumar K.R.
12 Neduvannoor Sheena Murali
13ManjakkalaGeetha Kumari
14NadutheriVijaya Lakshmi
15 Randalummoodu Jyothi Lakshmi
16NjarakkaduThalavoor S. Rakesh
17AringadaDeepa Teacher
18VadakoduAmbili Dasappan
19AlakkuzhiVijaya Kumar R
20KuraJalaja Gopinath

Places of worship

Sree Durga Devi Temple, Thrikkonnamarcodu, Thalavoor Thalavoor Thrikkonnamarkodu Durga Devi Temple.jpg
Sree Durga Devi Temple, Thrikkonnamarcodu, Thalavoor
Sree Mahadeva Temple, Saptharshi Mangalam, Thalavoor tlvuu[?] shrii mhaadeev ksseetrN.jpg
Sree Mahadeva Temple, Saptharshi Mangalam, Thalavoor

Hindu Temples


Chundamala malanadakavu, Randalummoodu


Educational institutions


Nearby Places

Kulamudy Orthodox Church on a foggy morning Kulamudy Orthodox Church in Thalavoor, Aug 2023.jpg
Kulamudy Orthodox Church on a foggy morning

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