Thambiluvil Central College

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Thambiluvil Central College
தம்பிலுவில் மத்திய கல்லூரி
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Thambiluvil Central College
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Coordinates 7°07′14.90″N81°51′09.60″E / 7.1208056°N 81.8526667°E / 7.1208056; 81.8526667 Coordinates: 7°07′14.90″N81°51′09.60″E / 7.1208056°N 81.8526667°E / 7.1208056; 81.8526667
School type Public National 1AB
MottoBe learned, be good
Religious affiliation(s) Saivism, Christianity
Established1944 [1]
FounderA. Nadarasa [1]
Authority Ministry of Education
PrincipalMr. Vanniyasingam Jayanthan
Gender Co-educational
Number of students1500+
Language Tamil, English
Houses Valluvar (Yellow), Ilango(Blue), Kambar(Green)

Thambiluvil Central College (Tamil : தம்பிலுவில் மத்திய கல்லூரி), abbreviated as TCC and formerly known as Thambiluvil Madhya Maha Vidyalayam) is a recently upgraded National school. It is located in Thambiluvil, Sri Lanka. [2] [3] TCC is the main school in Thirukkovil Educational Zone employing nearly 60 academic staff and enrolling approximately 1500 students.



Methodist missionaries introduced modern educational methods to Thambiluvil in the later 19th century. A Methodist Boys school (Thambiluvil Saraswathi Vidyalayam) started in 1877, while a girls school (Thambiluvil Kalaimagal Vidyalayam) started in 1979 in former Batticaloa District. [4]

Saivite Revivalism took root early in 19th century British Ceylon. This led the people to seek education based on native religion and reject Christian missionary schools. A. Nadarasa, a Thambiluvil noble, started a Saivite school in front of Thambiluvil Sri Kannaki amman temple in 1944.

In 1945, one Saivite and two Methodist schools operated there. They were taken over by the British Government of Ceylon and the Saivite school was relocated to the Methodist Girls' School premises with the name of "Junior School".

Grades One to Five were taught at Girls and Boys schools and whoever wished to continue their studies till Eighth grade was allowed to continue in Junior School. [1] After the Independence of Ceylon, the Junior school was renamed "Maha Vidyalayam" in 1958 and relocated once more to its current premises where it grew quickly.


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