The Black Crown (film)

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The Black Crown
Maria Felix 1951.jpg
María Félix in the film
Directed by Luis Saslavsky
Screenplay by Jean Cocteau
Charles de Peyret-Chappuis
Luis Saslavsky
Based on La Vénus d'Ille by Prosper Mérimée
Produced by Cesáreo González
Starring María Félix
Rossano Brazzi
Vittorio Gassman
Cinematography Antonio L. Ballesteros
Valentín Javier
Edited by José Antonio Rojo
Music by Juan Quintero
Distributed bySuevia Films
Release date
23 May 1951
Running time
106 minutes

The Black Crown (French: La Couronne noire, Spanish: La corona negra) is a 1951 French-Spanish film noir directed by Luis Saslavsky and starring María Félix, Rossano Brazzi and Vittorio Gassman. [1] It is based on the story La Vénus d'Ille by Prosper Mérimée. [2]



In the city of Tangier, a woman named Mara (María Félix) suffers from amnesia after murdering her husband, who was about to demand a divorce for having caught her in illicit love affairs with a lover (Vittorio Gassman), who only loves her. interested in finding the place where some precious jewels are hidden. Disoriented, the woman runs away from her and finds the help of Andrés, who falls in love with her and tries to get her memory back. Although her patron saint sees in the tarot cards that a black crown that portends death revolves around the mysterious woman, Andrés ignores her and goes with her to the hotel where the clues indicate that he was staying with her. Mara is kidnapped by her former lover and locked in a gym on her property, but being amnesiac she can't tell him where she hid her husband's jewelry. [3]


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