The Citadel (2003 miniseries)

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La Cittadella
Directed by Fabrizio Costa
Starring Massimo Ghini
Barbora Bobuľová
Franco Castellano
Anna Galiena
Country of originFlag of Italy.svg  Italy
No. of episodes4
Camera setup Super 16
Running time100 min. (per episode)
Production company Titanus
Original releaseMarch 23 (2003-03-23) 
March 26, 2003 (2003-03-26)
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La Cittadella is a 2003 Italian miniseries based on A. J. Cronin's 1937 novel, The Citadel , and produced by Titanus. It was directed by Fabrizio Costa and stars Massimo Ghini as Dr. Manson and Barbora Bobuľová as his wife, Christine. Other television versions include an American (1960), another Italian (1964), and two British (1960 and 1983) adaptations.


The program was filmed on location in the Czech Republic, London, and Cardiff, Wales.

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The Citadel is a public military college in Charleston, South Carolina.

A. J. Cronin Scottish novelist

Archibald Joseph Cronin, known professionally as A. J. Cronin, was a Scottish physician and novelist. His best-known novel The Citadel (1937) tells of a Scottish doctor in a Welsh mining village, who then shoots up the medical ladder in London. Cronin knew both venues, as a medical inspector of mines and as a doctor in Harley Street. The book promoted some controversial medical ethics that helped to inspire the National Health Service. Another popular mining novel of his, set in the North East of England, is The Stars Look Down. Both have been filmed, as have Hatter's Castle, The Keys of the Kingdom and The Green Years. His 1935 novella Country Doctor instigated a long-running BBC radio and TV series, Dr. Finlay's Casebook (1962–1971), set in the 1920s. There was a follow-up series in 1993–1996.

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Eleonora Rossi Drago Italian actress

Eleonora Rossi Drago, born Palmira Omiccioli, was an Italian film actress. She was born in Quinto al Mare, Genoa, Italy, and had the leading role in Le amiche. She appeared in Un maledetto imbroglio. In 1960, for her performance in Estate violenta, she won the best actress prize of the Mar del Plata Film Festival and the Nastro d'argento. In 1964, she appeared in La Cittadella. She died in Palermo, Italy.

The Citadel is a 1960 American television film adaptation of A. J. Cronin's 1937 novel The Citadel. It was written by Dale Wasserman and directed by Paul Bogart. It starred James Donald as Dr. Manson and Ann Blyth as Christine Barlow.

<i>La Cittadella</i> (1964 miniseries)

La Cittadella is a 1964 Italian miniseries based on A. J. Cronin's 1937 novel, The Citadel, and produced by Radiotelevisione Italiana. It was directed by Anton Giulio Majano and stars Alberto Lupo as Dr. Manson and Anna Maria Guarnieri as his wife, Christine. Other television versions include an American (1960), another Italian (2003), and two British adaptations, 1960 and 1983.

The Citadel was a 1960 British television adaptation of A. J. Cronin's 1937 novel, The Citadel. The series was directed by John Frankau and produced by Peter Graham Scott. It starred Eric Lander as Dr. Andrew Manson, and Zena Walker as Christine, his wife. This television adaptation is entirely missing, i.e. all nine episodes are believed to be lost.

Manuel Iori is an Italian professional footballer who plays for A.S. Cittadella as a midfielder.

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