The Countess of Paris

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The Countess of Paris
German Die Gräfin von Paris
Directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki
Joe May
Written by Leo Birinsky
Adolf Lantz
Produced byJoe May
Cinematography Karl Puth
Sophus Wangøe
Music byWilhelm Löwitt
Distributed by UFA
Release date
  • 12 October 1923 (1923-10-12)
German intertitles

The Countess of Paris (German: Die Gräfin von Paris) is a 1923 German silent film directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki and Joe May and starring Mia May, Emil Jannings and Erika Glässner. [1] It was the sequel to Tragedy of Love .


The film's sets were designed by the art director Paul Leni.


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