The Long Day of Inspector Blomfield

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The Long Day of Inspector Blomfield is a 1968 German crime film directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber and starring Götz George, Werner Pochath and Anthony Steel. [1] It was one of a number of movies Steel made in Europe while based in Rome. [2]



A drug addicted man takes over a British police station, holding it hostage with a bottle of nitroglycerine. He demands to see Inspector Blomfeld, but the Inspector is away dealing with another case.


Götz George Eddie Blomfield
Werner Pochath Johnny Smith
Anthony Steel Arthur Baker
Walter Barnes Insp. Fred Lancaster
Ingeborg Schöner Mrs. Gilespie
Eddi Arent Sgt. Harry Colman
Gert Günther Hoffmann Mac O'Hara
Siegfried Wischnewski Insp. Sterling
Karl Schönböck Col. Lister
Herbert Fux Blincky Smith
Leopold Rudolf Shakespeare

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