The Man Who Wagged His Tail

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The Man Who Wagged His Tail
The Man Who Wagged His Tail.jpg
Directed by Ladislao Vajda
Starring Peter Ustinov
Cinematography Heinrich Gärtner
Music by Bruno Canfora
Release date

The Man Who Wagged His Tail (Spanish : Un ángel pasó por Brooklyn, Italian : Un angelo è sceso a Brooklyn, also known as An Angel Over Brooklyn and An Angel Passed Over Brooklyn) is a 1957 Spanish-Italian fantasy-comedy film directed by Ladislao Vajda. [1]



Mr. Bozzi is the owner and lessor of many apartments and houses in Brooklyn's immigrant communities. He is a stubborn upstart who is only interested in his own profit and has no compassion for his tenants, who are often poor and in need. To prevent beggars from knocking or ringing his bell, he has trained himself to make dog noises. When one day a fairy tale seller appears to him, she curses him into a dog that only human love can transform back. Bozzi, pushed around, hungry, unwanted, experiences life as merciless and cold. Pursued by other dogs, chased away by people with whom he can no longer communicate, he roams the streets until he meets the boy Tonino, who takes care of him. The two become friends, and when some thugs beat up little Tonino, he jumps on the thugs to protect Tonino. Through this act of selflessness, Bozzi transforms back into human form. The inner transformation endures: from now on, Bozzi is understanding and friendly.


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