The Merry Wives of Vienna

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The Merry Wives of Vienna
The Merry Wives of Vienna.png
Directed by Géza von Bolváry
Written by
Produced by Julius Haimann  [ de ]
Cinematography Willy Goldberger
Music by Robert Stolz
Distributed bySuper-Film
Release date
  • 6 March 1931 (1931-03-06)
Running time
109 minutes
Language German

The Merry Wives of Vienna (German : Die lustigen Weiber von Wien) is a 1931 German musical comedy film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Willi Forst, Lee Parry, and Paul Hörbiger. [1] It was shot at the Tempelhof Studios in Berlin. The film's sets were designed by Andrej Andrejew and Gabriel Pellon.


It is an operetta film set in pre-First World War Vienna.


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Wien-Film GmbH was a large Austrian film company, which in 1938 succeeded the Tobis-Sascha-Filmindustrie AG and lasted until 1985. Until 1945 the business was owned by the Cautio Trust Company, a subsidiary of the German Reichsfilmkammer, and was responsible for almost the entire production of films in the territory of the Ostmark, as Austria was called at that time.

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