The Pretty Miller Girl

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The Pretty Miller Girl
The Pretty Miller Girl.jpg
Directed by Marcel Pagnol
Written byMarcel Pagnol
Starring Tino Rossi
Jacqueline Pagnol
Raoul Marco
Cinematography Willy Faktorovitch
Edited by Jeanne Rongier  [ fr ]
Music by Tony Aubin
Société du Film La Belle Meunière
Distributed by Gaumont
Release date
23 November 1949
Running time
99 minutes

The Pretty Miller Girl (French: La Belle Meunière) is a 1949 French musical film directed by Marcel Pagnol and starring Tino Rossi, Jacqueline Pagnol and Raoul Marco. It is part of the tradition of operetta films. The title is a reference to Schubert's song cycle Die schöne Müllerin .



Composer Franz Schubert goes to the countryside to find inspiration. [1] [2] [3] He meets a girl, Brigitte, near a windmill. [1] [2] However, the local lord wants her as his lover. [2] [3] Distraught, Schubert leaves and writes some new music to get over it. [2] [3]

The film was shot with Rouxcolor technology. [4] The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert Giordani.


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