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The Stooges discography
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The Stooges performing in Milan, Italy on September 2, 2006
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Live albums7
Compilation albums8
Box sets4
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The discography of The Stooges—a Detroit, Michigan based rock band founded by "The Godfather of Punk Music" Iggy Pop as singer, Ron Asheton as guitarist, Dave Alexander as bass-guitarist and Scott Asheton as drummer—currently consists of five studio albums, twenty-four singles, four live albums, and three box sets.


The Stooges debut album The Stooges was released on August 5, 1969 in the United States, and one month later in the United Kingdom. The album was not a huge commercial success—it charted on the Billboard 200 at 106. Almost one year later, on July 7, 1970, the band released their second album, Fun House , which did not chart on the Billboard 200, the UK Albums Chart, or any other international music album chart. In February 1973, the Stooges released their third album, Raw Power . It charted in the Billboard 200 at 182, in the UK at least at 44, and is the best charting album by the Stooges in the United Kingdom to date. After the release of Raw Power, the band (also known at the time as Iggy & The Stooges) announced their break-up. The Stooges reunited thirty-four years after their official dissolution, and released The Weirdness . Although the album was their best-charting album in the United States, peaking at number 130, its overall commercial success is similar to that of the Stooges' first three albums.

The Stooges are described by critics as one of the key bands of punk music, in the genre described as "proto-punk", an early form of punk rock. Many musicians, particularly those in punk bands, cite the Stooges as a huge influence.

Studio albums

YearTitleChart positionsCertifications
1969 The Stooges
  • Released: August 5, 1969 (US), September 1969 (UK)
  • Label: Elektra
1970 Fun House
  • Released: July 7, 1970
  • Label: Elektra
1973 Raw Power
  • as 'Iggy and The Stooges'
  • Released: February 7, 1973 (US), June 1973 (UK)
  • Label: Columbia
182138 20 44
2007 The Weirdness
  • Released: March 6, 2007
  • Label: Virgin
1305337 3581
2013 Ready to Die 9636  4977


2005Extended Play

Live albums

1976 Metallic K.O.
1988 Live at the Whiskey a Go-Go
  • Label: Revenge
1995 Open Up and Bleed
  • Label: Bomp! (cat# BCD 4051)
  • Notes: the unreleased 4th Stooges album? 11 unheard songs, live & studio (CD + LP)
1997California Bleeding
  • Label: Bomp! (cat# BCD 4069)
  • Notes: a reconstruction of the Stooges' 1973 West Coast shows (CD + LP)
2000Double Danger
  • Label: Bomp! (cat# BCD 4076)
  • Notes: Double CD highlighting 2 of the best shows of the Stooges' final tour (CD + LP)
2000Michigan Palace
2003 Live in Detroit
  • Label: Music Video Distributors (MVD)
2005 Telluric Chaos
  • Released: May 3, 2005
  • Label: Skydog
2007Escaped Maniacs
  • Released: 2007
  • Label: ABC Entertainment and Charley Films
2009 You Don't Want My Name... You Want My Action
  • Label: Easy Action
2010 Have Some Fun: Live at Unganos
2011 Raw Power Live: In the Hands of the Fans
  • Label: Music Video Distributors (MVD)
2020 Live at Goose Lake, August 8th, 1970


1993 Rough Power
  • Label: Bomp! (cat# BCD 4049)
  • Notes: Original mixes of Raw Power 10/72; complete Detroit WABX broadcast, early 1973; 3 more mixes, 11/28/72.
1997Year of the Iguana
  • Label: Bomp! (cat# BCD 4063)
  • Notes: Sampler with unreleased and alternate versions (CD only)
1998Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell [10] [11]
  • Label: (1995 UK) Golden Years (cat# gy008) [12] / (1998 US) Snapper (cat# 156002) [13] / Original Masters [14]
  • Notes: 1 radio ad for live show; 6 outtakes; 4 tracks from rehearsal tapes; 2 tracks from WABX broadcast, early 1973.
2001 Wild Love: the Detroit Rehearsals and More
2006Original Punks
2008Gimme Some Skin
  • Label: Get Back
2009More Power
  • Label: Cleopatra
  • Notes: 2 CDs (also on vinyl with limited songs)
2016Playlist: The Best of the Stooges

Box sets

1991Night of Destruction
  • Label: Revenge
  • Notes: Limited to 2,000 copies. 6-cd set of rare tracks
1999 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions
2005 Heavy Liquid
  • Label: Easy Action
2020Fun House (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
  • Label: Rhino
  • Notes: Limited to 1,970 copies. 18 x LP set.

Guest appearances


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The Stooges

The Stooges, also known as Iggy and the Stooges, were an American rock band formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1967 by singer Iggy Pop, guitarist Ron Asheton, drummer Scott Asheton, and bassist Dave Alexander. Initially playing a raw, primitive style of rock and roll, the band sold few records in their original incarnation and gained a reputation for their confrontational performances, which often involved acts of self-mutilation by Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop American musician

James Newell Osterberg Jr., known professionally as Iggy Pop, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Designated the "Godfather of Punk", he was the vocalist and lyricist of influential proto-punk band The Stooges, who were formed in 1967 and have disbanded and reunited multiple times since.

<i>Raw Power</i> 1973 studio album by Iggy and the Stooges

Raw Power is the third studio album by American rock band the Stooges, released on February 7, 1973 by Columbia Records. The album departed from the "groove-ridden, feel-based songs" of the band's first two records with a different approach inspired by new guitarist James Williamson, who co-wrote the album's eight songs with singer Iggy Pop. Though not initially commercially successful, Raw Power gained a cult following in the years following its release, and, like its predecessors Fun House (1970) and the Stooges (1969), is considered a forerunner of punk rock.

Stiv Bators

Steven John Bator, better known by his stage name Stiv Bators, was an American punk rock vocalist and guitarist from Girard, Ohio. He is best remembered for his bands Dead Boys and The Lords of the New Church.

Ron Asheton

Ronald Franklin Asheton was an American guitarist, bassist and co-songwriter with Iggy Pop for the rock n roll band the Stooges. He formed the Stooges along with Pop and his brother, drummer Scott Asheton, and bassist Dave Alexander. Asheton, once ranked as number 29 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time is currently ranked at number 60.

<i>Fun House</i> (The Stooges album) 1970 studio album by the Stooges

Fun House is the second studio album by American rock band the Stooges. It was released on July 7, 1970 by Elektra Records.

<i>The Stooges</i> (album) 1969 debut album by the Stooges

The Stooges is the eponymous debut studio album by American rock band the Stooges, released on August 5, 1969 by Elektra Records. Considered a landmark proto-punk release, the album peaked at number 106 on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. The tracks "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "1969" were released as singles; "1969" was featured on Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Guitar Songs" at number 35.

<i>Metallic K.O.</i> 1976 live album by The Stooges

Metallic K.O. is a live recording by American hard rock band The Stooges. In its original form, the album was purported to contain the last half of a performance at the Michigan Palace in Detroit, on February 9, 1974—the band's final live performance until their reformation in 2003. The performance was notable for the level of audience hostility, with the band being constantly pelted with pieces of ice, eggs, beer bottles and jelly beans, among other things, in response to Iggy Pop's audience-baiting.

Scott Randolph Asheton was an American musician, best known as the drummer for the rock band the Stooges.

James Williamson (musician)

James Robert Williamson is an American guitarist, songwriter, record producer and electronics engineer. He was a member of the iconic proto-punk rock band The Stooges, notably on the influential album Raw Power and in the reformed Stooges from 2009 to 2016. Between his stints in music, Williamson worked in Silicon Valley developing computer chips. Most recently he has continued as a solo artist.

<i>Telluric Chaos</i> 2005 live album by Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Telluric Chaos is a live album by the reunited Iggy Pop & The Stooges. It chronicles the closing date of the band's first ever Japanese tour, which took place on March 22, 2004, at the Shibuya AX in Tokyo. The album documents a typical reunited Stooges set, primarily drawn from the band's first two albums with no material from the James Williamson era. This live set also includes some of the first live performances of three of the four Stooges reunion tracks from Iggy Pop's 2003 solo album Skull Ring plus one brand new song, "My Idea of Fun".

Search and Destroy (The Stooges song) 1973 single by Iggy and the Stooges

"Search and Destroy" is a song by American rock band the Stooges, recorded for the group's third album Raw Power (1973). Lead singer Iggy Pop said that the title was derived from a column heading in a Time article about the Vietnam War. In 1997, "Search and Destroy" was remixed and remastered by Pop and Bruce Dickinson. The result was far more aggressive and stripped down than the original release, which had been mixed by David Bowie.

I Wanna Be Your Dog 1969 single by The Stooges

"I Wanna Be Your Dog" is the debut single by the American rock band the Stooges. The song is included on their 1969 self-titled debut album. Its memorable riff, composed of only three chords, is played continuously throughout the song. The 3-minute-and-9-second-long song, with its raucous, distortion-heavy guitar intro, pounding, single-note piano riff played by producer John Cale of The Velvet Underground, and steady, driving beat, established The Stooges at the cutting edge of the heavy metal and punk sound. The song notably uses sleigh bells throughout.

<i>The Weirdness</i> 2007 studio album by The Stooges

The Weirdness is the fourth studio album by American proto-punk band The Stooges. Released on 5 March 2007, it was the first Stooges album of new material since Raw Power in 1973, and is also the final album to feature guitarist Ron Asheton, who died in early 2009. Founding members Iggy Pop (vocals), Ron Asheton (guitar), and Scott Asheton (drums) are featured, along with new band member Mike Watt, formerly of Minutemen, and returning guest musician Steve Mackay (saxophone), who appeared on The Stooges' 1970 album, Fun House.

<i>A Million in Prizes: The Anthology</i> 2005 greatest hits album by Iggy Pop

A Million in Prizes: The Anthology is a 2-disc greatest hits collection of the music of Iggy Pop, released in 2005. It supersedes the compilation Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop. The title comes from the lyrics of "Lust for Life". It contains previously unreleased live versions of "TV Eye" and "Loose", recorded during the tour in 1993.

<i>Live in Detroit</i> (The Stooges album) 2004 live album by The Stooges

Live in Detroit a 2004 DVD release of a live performance by the band The Stooges. The surviving original members of the Stooges reunited in 2003—nearly thirty years after they had disbanded—and scheduled a handful of live shows, including an August 14 concert in their hometown of Detroit. The gig was postponed due to a widespread North America blackout, but the band played at the DTE Energy Music Theatre eleven days later. The performance was released on DVD in March 2004.

This is the discography of American singer Iggy Pop. The following lists of all of Pop's released singles, studio albums, compilation albums, EPs and demos.

Live at the Whiskey a Go-Go is a live album by The Stooges, produced by Ron Asheton and released in 1988. It is the recording of the Stooges show on 16 September 1973 at the Whisky a Go Go nightclub, Los Angeles, California.

Raw Power Live: In the Hands of the Fans is the final live album by Iggy & The Stooges recorded at All Tomorrow's Parties Festival on Friday, September 3, 2010 at Kutshers Country Club, Monticello, NY. It was released to coincide with Record Store Day, April 16, 2011, on 180 gram vinyl. The album was later released on iTunes.

<i>Gimme Danger</i> 2016 film

Gimme Danger is a 2016 American documentary film directed by Jim Jarmusch about the band the Stooges. It was shown in the Midnight Screenings section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. The film was released by Amazon Studios and Magnolia Pictures on October 28, 2016.


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