The Sunny Side of the Street (film)

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The Sunny Side of the Street
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Traditional Chinese 白日青春
Simplified Chinese 白日青春
Literal meaningDaytime Youth
Hanyu Pinyin Bái rì qīng chūn
Directed byLau Kok-rui
Written byLau Kok-rui
Produced by Vinod Sekhar
Winnie Tsang
Soi Cheang
Peter Yam
Starring Anthony Wong
Sahal Zaman
Inderjeet Singh
Kiranjeet Gill
Sohail Saghir
Cinematography Leung Ming-kai
Edited byMatthieu Laclau
Tsai Yann-shan
Petra Films
Thousand Sails Pictures
70 Plus Production Company
Release date
Running time
111 minutes [1]
CountryHong Kong [2]

The Sunny Side of the Street (Chinese :白日青春) is a 2022 Hong Kong drama film written and directed by Lau Kok-rui. The feature debut of Malaysia-born Lau Kok-rui, the film tells the story of a Hong Kong-born Pakistani refugee boy who forms an unexpected bond with a local taxi driver.




The Sunny Side of the Street is produced mainly by Petra Films, a new production company under Petra Group, a global conglomerate run by Malaysian businessman Vinod Sekhar. Produced on an estimated cost of around US$1 million, the film also marks the studio's debut project. [3] [4]

Awards and nominations

59th Golden Horse Awards Best Narrative Feature The Sunny Side of the StreetNominated [5]
Best Leading Actor Anthony Wong Won
Best New Director Lau Kok-ruiWon
Best New Performer Sahal ZamanWon
Best Original Screenplay Lau Kok-ruiWon
Best Cinematography Leung Ming-kai Nominated
Audience Choice Award The Sunny Side of the StreetNominated
FIPRESCI Prize The Sunny Side of the StreetNominated
NETPAC Award The Sunny Side of the StreetNominated
Observation Missions for Asian Cinema AwardThe Sunny Side of the StreetNominated
41st Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Anthony WongNominated [6]
Best New Performer Sahal ZamanWon
Best Screenplay Lau Kok RuiNominated
Best New Director Nominated

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