The Vortex (film)

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The Vortex
Directed by Adrian Brunel
Written by Noël Coward (play)
Eliot Stannard
Roland Pertwee
Produced by Michael Balcon
C. M. Woolf
Starring Ivor Novello
Willette Kershaw
Simeon Stuart
Julie Suedo
Cinematography James Wilson
Distributed by Woolf & Freedman Film Service
Release date
  • 1928 (1928)
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Vortex is a 1928 British drama film directed by Adrian Brunel and starring Ivor Novello, Willette Kershaw and Simeon Stuart. [1] It was an adaptation of the Noël Coward play The Vortex and was made by Gainsborough Studios. The film's sets were designed by Clifford Pember.



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