The White Night

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The White Night
The White Night.jpg
Directed by Richard Pottier
Written by Yvan Noé (novel)
Jacques Natanson
Produced by Fritz Bukofzer
Albert Dodrumez
Paul Glass
Starring Pierre Brasseur
Claude Farell
Jimmy Gaillard
Cinematography Robert Lefebvre
Edited by Martine Velle
Music by Joe Hajos
Les Films Tellus
Distributed byCompagnie Commerciale Française Cinématographique
Release date
  • 3 September 1948 (1948-09-03)
Running time
100 minutes
Language French

The White Night (French: La nuit blanche) is a 1948 French drama film directed by Richard Pottier and starring Pierre Brasseur, Claude Farell and Jimmy Gaillard. [1] The film's sets were designed by the art director Paul-Louis Boutié.



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