The Young Tigers of Hong Kong

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The Young Tigers of Hong Kong
The Young Tigers of Hong Kong.jpg
Directed by Ernst Hofbauer
Produced by Wolf C. Hartwig
Written by Rolf Olsen
August Rieger
Starring Robert Woods
Véronique Vendell
Werner Pochath
Music by Gert Wilden
Cinematography Hans Jura
Edited by Herbert Taschner
Distributed byNora-Filmverleih
Release date
25 July 1969
Running time
95 minutes
CountryWest Germany
Language German

The Young Tigers of Hong Kong (German: Die jungen Tiger von Hongkong) is a 1969 West German action film directed by Ernst Hofbauer and starring Robert Woods, Véronique Vendell and Werner Pochath. [1]


The film's sets were designed by the art director Peter Rothe. Location shooting took place around Hong Kong.


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