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GenreSoap opera
Written byStory:
Vikatan Story Team
Guru. Sampathkumar
C. U. Muthuselvan
Guru. Sampathkumar Ezhilvaradhan
Directed byS. Kumaran
Theme music composerKiran
Opening theme"Poradave"
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1,340
Producer Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd
CinematographyS. T. Maads
EditorsSasi K. Basanth
G. V. Rajan
B. Chandru
S. Neilston
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running timeApprox. 20 minutes
Production company Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd
Original network Sun TV (2009-2015)
Colors Tamil (2022-present)
Picture format PAL
HDTV 1080i
Original release7 December 2009 (2009-12-07) 
17 January 2015 (2015-01-17)

Thendral (transl.Breeze) is a 2009 Indian Tamil-language soap opera that aired Monday through Friday on Sun TV. It was broadcast from 7 December 2009 to 17 January 2015 for 1340 episodes.


The show stars Shruthi Raj and Deepak Dinkar and revolves around a girl's struggle in a middle-class family, focusing on the importance of women's education. It was produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd and directed by S. Kumaran. [1] [2] The show replaced Kolangal which was also produced by Vikatan Televistas. Thendral was amongst the first Tamil Serials to go viral on the internet. [3] The Indian newspaper Business Standard describes it as the "first youthful prime time daily soap in Tamil". [4] [5] [6] Thendral has been highly acclaimed and has won many awards. [7] [8] [9] After a nine-year hiatus, the show returned from 10 December 2018 on Vikatan Prime Time YouTube channel every day at 9:30 PM. It is currently re-telecasting in Colors Tamil from May 16, 2022 at 02:00PM


This serial revolves around the main character Thulasi (Shruthi Raj). Thulasi's mother left her when she was a child for the sake of money and, ever since, her family has shunned her, especially her father and stepmother. The only family member that genuinely cares for her is her grandmother (S. N. Lakshmi). Thulasi's only dream is to continue her studies to become an engineer and help her family, and she gets the highest marks on her 12th board exams. Thulasi's father Muthumanikam a.k.a. Manikam (Subhalekha Sudhakar) dreams about seeing his son, Mohan (Ayyappan) becoming an engineer, yet his dreams are put on hold due to the lack of money. Knowing this, a break-inspector and a thug in the 40s, Velayudham (Nizhalgal Ravi) approaches them to help Manikam's dream come true, under one condition: that is if he agrees to get Thulasi married to him. A greedy Manickam coaxes Thulasi that the only way she can wipe away the sin committed by her mother, who had fled away with another man, is by marrying Velayudham. Stung by guilt, Thulasi agrees to marry Velayudham despite their age difference. Velayudham, in return, offers Manickam a massive amount of cash. But fate has other plans, and so by mistake, the photos of Thulasi and that of another girl Lavanya (Neelima Rani) mix up in a photo studio and ends up in the hands of the hero – Tamizharasu (Deepak Dinkar). Lavanya happens to be the sister of Tamizharasu. On seeing Thulasi's photo, she conveys that she would like to have a sister-in-law as beautiful as Thulasi. Attracted by Thulasi's beauty and the frequent taunts by Lavanya, Tamizharasu falls in love with Thulasi. Thulasi refuses to accept Tamizharasu's love and publicly insults him at his bank.

Meanwhile, Tamizharasu's mother wants him to marry a rich girl of her choice so that she can be the controller of her second daughter-in-law. Her relationship with the eldest-daughter-in-law Sudha is not in good terms, and so she wants Tamizharasu to marry a rich girl who is ready to be within the line drawn by her. She selects Charulatha (Srividya), the adopted daughter of a wealthy businessman, as the prospective bride. Tamizharasu is deeply saddened by Thulasi's refusal and so he accepts the engagement between Charu and him. However, through a string of events, Thulasi falls for Tamizh when he stops her marriage with Velayudham and joins her in an engineering college, paying the fees for her. Nevertheless, the marriage between Charu and Tamizh is arranged; Charu surrenders herself to Tamizh and sees him as her husband already, but Tamizh only loves Thulasi.

A sudden turn of events sees Tamizh marrying Thulasi at a temple without the consent of his family. The turn of events shatters Charu, and slowly she turns into a psychopath after directly witnessing the marriage between Tamizh and Thulasi. She develops a deadly vengeance towards Thulasi as she assumes that it was Thulasi who grabbed Tamizharasu from her. Charu and Tamizharasu's mother conspire to separate Tamizharasu and Thulasi. Thulasi catches the plot and explains Charu's mentality to Tamizharasu, but Charu cleverly outwits Thulasi. Tamizh thinks that Thulasi has no trust in him and their relationship turns sour. Tamizh is ready to divorce her, but Thulasi begs Tamizh for a last chance to prove Charu's dirty thoughts and succeeds in exposing her actual colour. Tamizharasu starts hating Charu. In disappointment and vengeance, Charu tries to commit suicide and she falls into coma. Her track in the story is concluded by showing her as a person who had lost all her memory and is incapable of attending even to her own needs.

Thulasi's mother, Bhuvana (Aishwarya/Sudha Chandran) lives with her second husband, Lakshmanan, a doctor by profession and their son Prabhakar. Bhuvana had helped Lakshmanan become successful man and they own a hospital in which she is the chairman. Bhuvana is also a greedy and evil woman who only thinks money to be superior. Thulasi and Bhuvana's first meeting does not go well although they did not know the relationship between them. Soon after, Lakshmanan's first wife, Sundari (Yuvarani) who also happens to be Tamizh's former boss learns that Thulasi is Bhuvana's daughter. In a fierce fight between Thulasi and Bhuvana, the latter slaps her. Bhuvana plans to take revenge on Thulasi and breaks Thulasi's hand using her henchmen. Later, Thulasi and Bhuvana learn the real bond between them through Manikam, but Bhuvana despises Thulasi and says that she considers her not a daughter but a humiliation. Heartbroken, Thulasi decides to take revenge on Bhuvana by separating her from Lakshmanan and his wealth. At last, Bhuvana pretends to be having cancer so that her husband, son, Thulasi, and the others will pity her. She even goes to the extent of pretending to be a lovable mother to Thulasi. She separates Thulasi and her father, which results in Manikkam's suicide attempt after he misunderstands that Thulasi had betrayed him and had joined her mother.

Nevertheless, Thulasi, Thamizharasu and Sundari all find out that Bhuvana is lying. They resolve and successfully exposes the truth to Prabha and Lakshmanan. They chase Bhuvana away from their house, but Bhuvana plays a revenge game on Lakshmanan by setting up a fire in his hospital, and she cunningly makes him jailed for her crime. Lakshmanan and Sundari's 60th Marriage Ceremony is halted due to Lakshmanan's imprisonment. Lakshmanan asks Varadhan, his driver, to get his daughter Deepa (Thulasi's best friend) married to Prabhakar so that his honour will be saved. Deepa sacrifices her dreams and marries Prabhakar.

Kalyani (an auto driver and Thulasi's other close friend) and Mohan's love story too comes up. Mohan wants to marry Kalyani but Padma hates her due to being poor and financially unstable than them. Nevertheless, Kalyani marries Mohan despite Padma's wishes. Deepa divorces Prabhakar as he suspects her of being in love with Kanagu (he is Tamizh's friend and had a crush on Deepa). Finally, he repents his mistake and turns into a new leaf. Padma too realises her mistakes and apologizes wholeheartedly to Thulasi.

Charu, then, returns from coma. Tamizh's mother again tries to separate Tamizh and Thulasi. Tamizh strongly opposes and says that he would never leave Thulasi again. Thulasi goes into prison for a crime she didn't commit because of Maya, Charu's real mother. Maya decides to separate Tamizh and Thulasi by drugging Tamizh and making him forget Thulasi. Thulasi, however, saves Tamizh at the correct time, and Charu and her mother die thereafter. Tamizh's mother still doesn't likes Thulasi but is forced to accept her as her daughter in law as she has no other choice.

The rest of the story involves around how Thulasi, alongside her now understanding husband Tamizharasu, overcome all the other trials and tribulations. The serial ends on a happy note with Thulasi becoming pregnant.


Main cast

Recurring cast

  • Shanthi Williams(7-487)/ K. S. Jayalakshmi (488-1340) as Thamizh's mother.(Antagonist)(Voice dubbed by Vadivukkarasi)
  • Subhalekha Sudhakar as Muthumanikkam; Thulasi, Mohan and Pavithra's father. [12]
  • Sadhana as Padma Muthumanikkam, Thulasi's stepmother. Mohan and Pavithra's mother. Padma constantly hates Thulasi and had been the main cause of problems in the latter's life, but, eventually realises her mistake and turns into a new leaf. (Antagonist/Protagonist)
  • Aishwarya (296-595)/ Sudha Chandran (595-731)/(810) as Bhuvaneshwari "Bhuvana" Laxmanan. Thulasi and Prabhakar's mother. Laxmanan's second wife. Muthumanikkam's first and ex-wife. She hates Thulasi and refuses to accept her as a biological daughter. (Antagonist) (Jailed) [13]
  • Neelima Rani (7-617) / Shalu Kurian(618-1053) / Bhagyalakshmi (1054-1305)as Lavanya Nithish, Tamizh and Puvi's younger sister.
  • Shyam Sundar as Nithish Giriprakash, Lavanya's husband. Charu's cousin.
  • Aarthi (Devi Krupa) as Shyamala (Bujjimma)
  • Shyam Viswanathan as Anand (Bujjippa)
  • Raja as Kanagasabai "Kanagu"
  • Sundar as Joseph
  • Sujatha Panju as Indira Varatharajan
  • S. Rajasekar(1-995) as Varatharajan. (Died)
  • Sujitha "Suji" (1-1118)/Sathya Sai (1119-1340) as Pavithra Muthumanikkam
  • S. N. Lakshmi(1-578) as Thulasi's grandmother (passed away)
  • Antony Raj as Puviarasu "Puvi"(7-1325)
  • Lakshmi (7-74)/ Bhavya Kala (75-900) as Sudha Puviarasu
  • Akhila as Roja Kanagasabai
  • Hema as Hema
  • Egavalli as Amirtha Varadharajan, Deepa's first younger sister
  • Kiran Mai/ Akila Ramanamoorthy as Banu Varadharajan, Deepa's second younger sister
  • V. Saranya (Swetha Venkat) as Revathy Saravana Kumar, Kalyani's first younger sister
  • Preethi Menon Dayana (Preethi V.) as Malathy, Kalyani's second younger sister
  • Yuvarani Ravindra as Thiripura Sundhari Laxmanan. Laxmanan's first wife. Bhuvana's arch-rival and Tamizh's former boss.
  • Premi as Sakunthala, Kalyani, Revathy and Malathy's mother. (Died) (2-834)
  • Ushapriya (K. Priya) as Thiripura Sundhari's mother
  • A. C. Murali Mohan as Laxmanan, Sundhari and Bhuvana's husband. Akhil and Prabhakar's father. (Died)(296-731)
  • Giridhar Thirumalachary as Giriprakash, Nithish's father
  • Viji Kannan as Nithish's mother
  • Madhu Mohan as Veera Raghavan, Charu's adopted father
  • Mohana Priya as Gayathri, Charu's adopted mother
  • Gopalakrishnan as Saravana Kumar, Revathy's husband
  • Gayathri Yuvraaj (Y. Gayathri) as Nila (981-1331)
  • Sabarish as Vicky, Nila's love interest
  • Devika as Nila's grandmother
  • Veena Nair as Maya (1014-1241) (Antagonist) Charu's biological mother

Other cast

  • T. V. V. Ramanujam as Saravana Kumar's father
  • Uma Mageshwari as Saravana Kumar's first elder sister
  • Vaijayanthi as Saravana Kumar's second elder sister
  • Unknown as Sekhar, Pavithra's ex fiancée (Antagonist)
  • Unknown as Narmadha
  • Nizhalgal Ravi as Velayudham, Thilaga's brother (Antagonist)
  • Unknown (403)/ (726-765)/Shamily Sukumar (766-874)as Suchi, Prabhakar's ex-girlfriend.(Antagonist)
  • Iswarya Menon as Shruthi, Prabhakar's cousin. (Antagonist)
  • Swaminathan as Venkatachalam
  • K. R. Vatsala as Thilaga, Velayudham's elder sister
  • Kovai Anuradha as Anand's father
  • Mumtaz Pakoda Kader as Anand's mother
  • Vijay Anand as Gautham
  • C. N. Ravi Shankar as Kalyani's fiancé
  • Ilavarasan / Bhanuprakash as Vishwa
  • Sabarna Anand as Ambika
  • Suhasini / Shobana as Shyamala's sister
  • N. Subramanian (Sakthivel) as Venkatraj
  • Chithra as Shyamala's sister-in-law
  • Thalapathy Dinesh as Shyamala's first elder brother
  • Yuvraj as Lokeswaran, Shyamala's second elder brother
  • Suruli Manohar as Sivagadacham
  • Udumalai Ravi as Gothandam, Velayudham's assistant
  • Baby Kavitha as Pooja
  • V. Krishnan as Sudha's father
  • Shereen Taha as Sakshi (Antagonist)
  • V. Sri Latha as Seetha, Sakshi's mother (Antagonist)
  • R. Raveendran "R. Ravi" (Jeeva Ravi) as Sakshi's father (Antagonist)
  • Vishwam as Minister
  • N. Vinod as Sathyamoorthy "Sathya"
  • Dhanasekaran (Mullai) as Namachivayam "Namachi"/Gowri's husband, Antagonist
  • Nilani as Gowri, Antagonist
  • Ashwanth Thilak as Avinash
  • Sharmila Thapa as Tejeswari "Teju" (Kanaga)
  • Robo Chandru as Azhagam Perumal
  • Rajendranath (Meesai Rajendran) as Dharman
  • Baboos as Sub Inspector
  • Bagyanjali as Gomathy
  • Jayanthi (Jenuya) as Bhavani
  • Andrew Jesudoss as Venkatesh
  • Rajkumar as Ganesha Pandian "GP"
  • Annadurai Kannadasan as Commissioner
  • Jhayasundari as Commissioner's wife
  • Gokul as Commissioner's son
  • Divya Prabha as Commissioner's daughter
  • Moses as a food inspector
  • Pushpalatha as Roja's mother
  • Priya as Narmadha
  • Lalitha as Sivaprakasam's mother
  • Mithun Raj as Vetri
  • Premalatha as a CBI officer
  • Mohammed Afzal as a CBI officer
  • Premrasan as a lawyer
  • Krishna Kumar as Kanagu's brother
  • Tamil Selvi as Kanangu's sister-in-law
  • V. Vishwanath (Vishwa) as Charulatha's suitor
  • S. Ramakrishnan as Mariyappan
  • Venkatakrishnan as Sekar's father
  • Eswari as Sekar's mother
  • R. Selvanathan as Sridharan
  • Moses as Parandhaman
  • Vaani as Nithish's grandaunt
  • K. Anjalatchi as Logu
  • Gemini as Counselor
  • M. Ravi as a police assistant commissioner
  • Jagadeesan as a police inspector
  • Manikandaraj Major as a police assistant commissioner
  • David Solomon Raja as a police commissioner
  • C. Rajaappasamy as Murugesan
  • S. Palaniappan as Dharman's assistant
  • Jayanthi Shankar as Porkodi
  • Y. P. Gajjendran as Lakshmikanth
  • Jayashree Nair as Nila's mother
  • Babu Bilal "Bobby" as Shyam
  • Haaris as Keshav Prasad "Keshav"
  • M. Rani as Saravana Kumar's aunt
  • Ashwin as Sivaprakasam "Siva"
  • Aravish as Aadhikesavan "Aadhi"
  • G. V. E. Krishna "Krish" as Guruprasad "Guru"
  • Vasantha as a jail warden
  • R. Sundira Vali as a prisoner



Shruthi Raj was approached for the female lead, initially she refused, but Shruthi Raj reconsidered her decision after realizing that this series will be produced by a well reputed company like Vikatan Televistas as a replacement for the time slot of their highly successful series Kolangal . Moreover, she was also interested with the story narrated by S. Kumaran. Shruthi Raj made her acting debut in television with this series. [14] Television actor and anchor Deepak Dinkar, who is very well known for playing supporting roles and negative roles in many serials, was signed to play the male lead Thamizharasan, marking his 2nd collaboration with both the director and company after the successfully running series Thirumathi Selvam in which he was already playing a supporting role with grey shades. [15] [16]


The series was filmed in Chennai, Kodaikanal, Valparai, Thiruverkadu, Nerkundram, Mamallapuram, Chengalpattu, and Bangalore in India.


The Indian newspaper Business Standard describes it as the "first youthful prime time daily soap in Tamil". [4] Thendral has been highly acclaimed and has won many awards. [7] [8] [17] Thendral was amongst the first Tamil Serials to go viral on the internet. [3] The comedy track between Tamizh's mother and Nithish were well received by audience. Still the serial loved by audience. The ending was little bit rush. But still it has a happy ending unlike other vikatan serials.


All songs were composed by music director Kiran. Lyrics were written by Yugabharathi.

Track listing
Yugabharathi Karthik 4:04
2."Kotti Chellum
கொட்டி செல்லும்"
Yugabharathi  2:00
3."Vanakkam Kadhalane
வணக்கம் காதலனே"
Yugabharathi  1:04
4."Yaar Ange (Male)
யார் அங்கே (ஆண்)"
Yugabharathi  1:03
5."Yaar Ange (Female)
யார் அங்கே (பெண்)"
Yugabharathi  0:52
Yugabharathi  1:25
7."Ganakkum Idhayathile
கணக்கும் இதயத்திலே"
Yugabharathi  1:36
8."Malligai Pandhal
மல்லிகை பந்தல்"
Yugabharathi  12:12


2010Tamil Nadu State Television Awards [18] [19] [20] Best Television Serial (Second Prize)ThendralWon
Best Actor Deepak Dinkar ThamizharasuWon
Best Actress Shruthi Raj ThulasiWon
Best Villain Male Nizhalgal Ravi VelayudhamWon
Best Achiever Subhalekha Sudhakar Muthu ManikkamWon
Best EditingB. ChandruWon
Vikatan AwardsBest Mega SerialThendralWon
2011Tamil Nadu State Television Awards [21] Best Villain FemaleSrividyaCharulathaWon
Best Dialogue writerEzhilvaradhanWon
Mylapore Academy Awards [22] [23] [24] [25] Best Production House Vikatan Televistas Won
Best ActorDeepak DinkarThamizharasuWon
Best Actress Shruthi Raj ThulasiWon
Best Character Actor Subhalekha Sudhakar MuthumanikkamWon
Best Actor in a Negative Role Nizhalgal Ravi VelayudhamWon
Best Actress in a Negative Role Shanti Williams Thamizharasu, Puviarasu and Lavanya's motherWon
Best Music DirectorKiranWon
2012Tamil Nadu State Television Awards [26] Best Villain Female Sadhana PadmaWon
Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal [27] Sun Kudumbam Best Jodi AwardDeepak Dinkar & Shruthi RajThamizharasu & ThulasiWon
Sun Kudumbam Best Director AwardS. KumaranWon
Sun Kudumbam Best Serial AwardThendralNominated
Sun Kudumbam Best Actor AwardDeepak DinkarThamizharasuNominated
Sun Kudumbam Best Actress Award Shruthi RajThulasiNominated
Sun Kudumbam Best Son in LawDeepak DinkarThamizharasuNominated
Sun Kudumbam Best Comedian Award MaleShyamAnandNominated
Sun Kudumbam Best Supporting Actress Award Hemalatha DeepaNominated
Sun Kudumbam Best Screenwriter AwardC. U. MuthuselvanNominated
2014Mylapore Academy Awards [28] Best SerialThendralWon
Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal [29] [30] [31] Sun Kudumbam Best Actor AwardDeepak DinkarThamizharasuWon
Sun Kudumbam Devathaigal AwardShruthi RajThulasiWon
Sun Kudumbam Best Jodi AwardDeepak Dinkar & Shruthi RajThamizharasu & ThulasiWon
Sun Kudumbam Best Dialogue Writer AwardEzhilvaradhanWon
Sun Kudumbam Best Actress AwardShruthi RajThulasiNominated
Sun Kudumbam Best Supporting Actress AwardHemalathaDeepaNominated


The series has been remade in Telugu language as Sravani Subramanyam broadcast on Gemini TV, Malayalam language as Illam Thennal Pole broadcast on Surya TV and Kannada language as Thangaali broadcast on Udaya TV. [4] [32] [33]

Telugu Shravani Subramaniam Gemini TV
Malayalam Illam Thennal Pole Surya TV
Kannada Thangaali Udaya TV


Thendral had a crossover with Thirumathi Selvam as a special episode on 1 May 2011. [11]

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Malargal was an Indian Tamil-language soap opera which aired on Sun TV. It is a Prime time serial that aired weekdays from 17 October 2005 to June 2007. The show is aired in Sun TV every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm.


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