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13 Kannara railway bridge in Thenmala
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Location in Kerala, India
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Thenmala (India)
Coordinates: 8°57′0″N77°4′0″E / 8.95000°N 77.06667°E / 8.95000; 77.06667
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Kollam
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registration KL-25
Nearest city Kollam (63 km)
Suspension Bridge Sway bridge.jpg
Suspension Bridge
Parappar dam tenml prppaa[?] ddaaN.JPG
Parappar dam

Thenmala is a tourist destination in the eastern side of Kollam district in Kerala, India that is home to the first eco-tourism centre in India. [1] The word 'Thenmala' means "Honey hill" in Malayalam language. It is known for its high quality honey export. The town is 66 km away from Kollam city, 69 km from the state capital Trivandrum and is just 14 km away from Tamil Nadu state border. [2] The interstate National Highway-744, connecting Kollam with Madurai in Tamil Nadu, and State Highway-2 of Kerala are passing through Thenmala.



Thenmala is the first planned eco-tourism destination in India. The Thenmala Dam is an ecotourism destination in Kerala. The Dam, which impounds the largest reservoir in the state which was built under the Kallada Irrigation and Tree Crop development project. The construction of the Parappara Dam across the confluence of the Chenduruney, Kazhuthurutty and Kulathupuzha rivers has resulted in the creation of an artificial lake of about 26 Sq. km. which spreads along the middle of the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the largest irrigation project in Kerala.


Thenmala is derived from Malayalam word "thēn" means nectar/honey and "mala" means mountain. Thenmala was the shooting location for several Malayalam and Tamil films including Adiverukal (1986). [3] [4]


Thenmala attracts foreign and domestic tourists with a host of attractions including boating on the lake, a rope bridge, trekking, mountaineering, biking and a musical fountain. Thenmala is approachable both from Trivandrum and Punalur by road. The nearest railway station is Punalur. Kollam-QLN is better connected nationally. The waterfall called Palaruvi is a prime attraction nearby. Also nearby is a deer rehabilitation center where visitors can see deer in a forest setting and have a peep into a traditional tree house used by forest dwellers to escape harm from wild animals.

Nearby attractions

Kulathupuzha Sastha temple, Anchal Pinnacle view point, Kudukkathu para, Punalur suspension bridge. Thenmala is 72 km from Thiruvananthapuram and 16 km from Palaruvi Falls.

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National Highway 744 or NH 744 is a National Highway in Southern India that links Kollam (Quilon) in Kerala with Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Starting from NH 66 at Chinnakkada in Kollam, it joins Tirumangalam in Madurai at National Highway 44 (India).

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The Kollam–Sengottai railway line is a railway line in South India which connects Kollam Junction in Kerala state and Sengottai in Tamil Nadu. The Quilon–Shencottah railway line was the first railway line in the erstwhile Travancore state and is more than a century old. The Kollam–Sengottai section is part of the Kollam–Chennai metre-gauge rail route commissioned by the British in 1904. The line has been completely converted to broad gauge and is now fully operational from Kollam Junction to Shengottai.It is the important cargo transportation line connecting Vizhinjam container port and South indian States.

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New Aryankavu is a new railway station opened on Kollam–Sengottai railway line connecting Kollam district in Kerala with Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu, during the year 2018. The station is also known as Palaruvi railway station as the station lies very close to the famous Palaruvi Falls in Kollam district.


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