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Thilakam poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Krishnan–Panju
Written byK. M. Narayanswami
Based onThilakam
by K. M. Narayanswami
Produced by M. Saravanan
Starring Prem Nazir
M. N. Rajam
CinematographyS. Maruthi Rao
Edited byPanjabi
Music by R. Sudarsanam
Release date
  • 11 November 1960 (1960-11-11)

Thilakam is a 1960 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by Krishnan–Panju, produced by AVM Productions and written by K. M. Narayanasami. Based on Narayanasami's play of the same name, the film stars Prem Nazir and M. N. Rajam. It was released on 11 November 1960 and failed commercially.



Saraswathi is a woman separated from her husband. She and her daughter Thilakam take refuge in her sister's family in Tiruchi. Saraswathi wants her daughter Thilakam to be married to her brother Sekhar. But her uncle Sambasivam wants to marry Thilakam to a rich but old man in Bombay. Sambasivam's son Gunasekharan is against this plan and wants Thilakam to be married to Sekhar. Whether he succeeds in this, forms the plot of the story. [1]


The details are adapted from The Hindu review article. [1]


Thilakam was a popular stage play written by K. M. Narayanasami. A. V. Meiyappan, the founder and then-owner of AVM Productions, bought the film rights to the play and produced the film. His son Saravanan started his film production career with this film working as a "production executive". [1] Narayanasami wrote the film's dialogues. [2]


Music was composed by R. Sudarsanam and the lyrics were penned by Kothamangalam Subbu, M. K. Athmanathan, A. Maruthakasi, Kavi S. Rajagopal and V. Seetharaman. The song "B-o-y Boy, Boyinna Paiyan, G – i – r – l Girl, Girlinna Ponnu" (based on the song "Cat Maane Billi" from the Hindi film Dilli Ka Thug ), sung by S. C. Krishnan and Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi was a hit. [1]

Partial List of Songs

1"B-o-y Boy, Boyinna Paiyan" S. C. Krishnan & Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi 03:52
2"Manasukkulle Maraichu Vaikka Mudiyale" Sirkazhi Govindarajan & M. L. Vasanthakumari M. K. Athmanathan03:43
3"Aadi Varum Poonkodi Azhginile" P. Susheela A. Maruthakasi 03:47
4"Ezhaikkum Vaazhvukkum Vegudhooramaa"Seerkazhi Govindarajan, M. L. Vasanthakumari
T. S. Bagavathi
Kavi Rajagopal04:38
5"Kaaveri Karadhanile Kaaval Iruppavale" T. M. Soundararajan Kothamangalam Subbu 01:25
6"Aayi Mahamaayi Perai Cholli"S. C. Krishnan, L. R. Eswari & Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi Kothamangalam Subbu 01:02
7"Karagam Karagam Karagam"S. C. Krishnan & Soolamangalam RajalakshmiKothamangalam Subbu01:34
8"Maari Mutthu Maari"T. M. Soundararajan & Soolamangalam RajalakshmiKothamangalam Subbu01:17
9"Inneram Ennai Seidhe"S. C. Krishnan & L. R. EswariKothamangalam Subbu01:38
10"Bayaaskoppu Paatthiyaa Dappaskoppu Paatthiyaa"T. M. Soundararajan & Soolamangalam RajalakshmiKothamangalam Subbu01:46
11"Thanjavoor Karagamadi Oh Mariammaa"S. C. Krishnan, Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi,
L. R. Eswari & T. M. Soundararajan
Kothamangalam Subbu01:22
12"Kaathirundha Kannukku Oli Vandhadhu"M. L. VasanthakumariKavi S. Rajagopal04:22
13"Sandhegam Enum Oru Sarakku"S. C. Krishnan & Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi03:26

Release and reception

Thilakam was released on 11 November 1960. [3] The Sunday Standard appreciated the plot, performances and cinematography. [4] Despite this, it was a commercial failure. [1]

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