Thirst of Men

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Thirst of Men
Thirst of Men.jpg
Directed by Serge de Poligny
Written byJean Jeannin
Suzanne Pairault (novel)
Bernard Zimmer
Serge de Poligny
Produced by Pierre Gérin
Starring Georges Marchal
Dany Robin
Andrée Clément
Cinematography Marcel Weiss
Edited by Jacques Grassi
Music by Paul Misraki
Ciné Sélection
Release date
31 March 1950
Running time
93 minutes
Language French

Thirst of Men (French: La soif des hommes) is a 1950 French historical drama film directed by Serge de Poligny and starring Georges Marchal, Dany Robin and Andrée Clément. [1] It was filmed and set in French Algeria.


The film's sets were designed by Raymond Gabutti and René Moulaert.


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