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Thomas Valter Åhlén (born March 8, 1959) is an ice hockey player who played for the Swedish national team. He won a bronze medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics. [1]


Career statistics

Regular season and playoffs

   Regular season   Playoffs
Season TeamLeagueGP G A Pts PIM GPGAPtsPIM
1973–74Hofors IK SWE II
1974–75Hofors IKSWE II
1975–76 Hofors IK SWE II
1976–77 Hofors IKSWE II214610
1977–78 Leksands IF SEL 91124
1978–79 Leksands IFSEL80000
1979–80 Skellefteå AIK SEL120118
1980–81 Skellefteå AIKSEL1102210
1981–82 Skellefteå AIKSEL3115624
1982–83 Skellefteå AIKSEL339112032
1983–84 Skellefteå AIKSEL357111861
1984–85 Skellefteå AIKSEL367111855
1985–86 AIK SEL24551036
1986–87 AIKSWE II271192032
1987–88 AIKSEL40618246050002
1988–89 AIKSEL36510154220004
1989–90 AIKSEL342463930110
1991–92Trångsunds IFSWE IV
SEL totals3094379122371100116


YearTeamComp GPGAPtsPIM
1977 Sweden EJC 51
1984 Sweden OG 73144
1984 Sweden CC 30000
Senior totals103144

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The ice hockey team rosters at the 1984 Winter Olympics consisted of the following players:


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