Thomas Coke, 5th Earl of Leicester

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The Earl of Leicester

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Predecessor Thomas William Coke
Successor Anthony Louis Lovel Coke
BornThomas William Edward Coke
(1910-05-16)16 May 1910
Died3 September 1976(1976-09-03) (aged 66)
Lady Elizabeth Yorke
(m. 1931)
Parents Thomas Coke, 4th Earl of Leicester
Marion Trefusis

Thomas William Edward Coke, 5th Earl of Leicester MVO DL (16 May, 1910 – 3 September, 1976), was a British peer. [1]


Holkham Hall, Norfolk Holkham-Hall-South-Facafe.jpg
Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Early life

Major Thomas William Edward Coke, 5th Earl of Leicester of Holkham, was born on 16 May, 1910. He was the son of Thomas William Coke, 4th Earl of Leicester, and Marion Gertrude Trefusis. He was educated at Eton, and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. He succeeded to the title of 5th Viscount Coke and 5th Earl of Leicester of Holkham on 21 August, 1949.


He was Equerry to the Duke of York between 1934 and 1937, and was invested as a Member, Royal Victorian Order (M.V.O.) in 1937. When the Duke of York became King George VI, the Earl became Extra Equerry to the King between 1937 and 1952, and continued as Extra Equerry to Queen Elizabeth II.

He was awarded the Order of Christ of Portugal [2] in 1955 and later with the Royal Order of George I of Greece in 1963.

Military career

He served as Aide-de-Camp to the Commander-in-Chief, Middle East in World War II, reaching the rank of major, and later becoming an Honorary Colonel of the Royal Norfolk Regiment. He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) of Norfolk from 1944.

Marriage and family

Leicester married Lady Elizabeth Mary Yorke (born 10 March 1912, died 1985), daughter of Charles Yorke, 8th Earl of Hardwicke and Ellen Russell, on 1 October 1931.

The couple had three daughters. [1]

Leicester died on 3 September 1976 at age 68. Because he had no sons, on his death he was succeeded in the earldom and other titles by his cousin Anthony Coke, 6th Earl of Leicester. Coke was the great-uncle of the actress Miranda Raison.

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