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Illustration for "Holger the Dane", from Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen by Thomas Heath Robinson (1899) Every Christmas eve an angel comes and tells him he has dreamt aright.jpg
Illustration for "Holger the Dane", from Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen by Thomas Heath Robinson (1899)

T. Heath Robinson (18691954) was an English illustrator of books and magazines, in both line drawings and full color. [1] He illustrated many books for Allen, Nisbit, Dent, Sands and others as well as illustrations for magazines, including Cassell's Family Magazine, The Idler , Pall Mall Magazine and The Strand . [2]

Robinson was born in London in 1869 the son of engraver Thomas Robinson (1838–1902), He attended the Islington School of Art. [1] His younger brothers Charles and W. Heath (or Heath Robinson) were illustrators.

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