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Thomas Linnemann Laub (5 December 1852 4 February 1927) was a Danish organist and composer.


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Ole Rømer

Ole Christensen Rømer was a Danish astronomer who, in 1676, made the first quantitative measurements of the speed of light.

Axel Olrik

Axel Olrik was a Danish folklorist and scholar of mediaeval historiography, and a pioneer in the methodical study of oral narrative.

Ib Schønberg Danish actor

Ib Christian Albert von Cotta Schønberg was a Danish film actor, and is considered one of the leading actors of Danish film in the 20th century.

Poul Reichhardt Danish actor

Poul David Reichhardt was a Danish actor, well known for his roles in Danish 1940s/1950s comedies. Later on, he also played more serious and varied roles; he has also starred in Huset på Christianshavn, Matador and as various minor characters in the Olsen-banden films.

Svend Grundtvig

Svend Hersleb Grundtvig was a Danish literary historian and ethnographer. He was one of the first systematic collectors of Danish traditional music, and he was especially interested in Danish folk songs. He began the large project of editing Danish ballads. He also co-edited Icelandic ballads. He was the son of N. F. S. Grundtvig.

Halfdan Rasmussen

Halfdan Wedel Rasmussen was a Danish poet. He was known for his literary nonsense verse for children and his serious adult writings about social issues and human rights. He was awarded with the Ministry of Culture's children book prize in 1965.

Danmarks gamle Folkeviser is a collection of all known texts and recordings of the old Danish popular ballads. It drew both on early modern manuscripts, such as Karen Brahes Folio, and much more recent folk-song collecting activity.

Kai Normann Andersen Danish film composer

Kai Normann Andersen was a Danish composer who wrote film scores and music for stage revues and dramas. He composed songs for over 50 films between 1930 and 1965. In the 1930s and 1940s he dominated Danish film music. He has been called "[o]ne of the most appealing personalities of our time in the light music field". Twelve of his songs have been included in the Danish Culture Canon. Connie Hedegaard and Claus Hagen Petersen list him among the 100 most important Danes of the 20th century.

Elves' Hill is a comedy by Johan Ludvig Heiberg, with overture and incidental music by Friedrich Kuhlau, which is considered the first Danish national play.

Hans Christian Andersen bibliography Wikipedia bibliography

This is a list of published works by Hans Christian Andersen. The list has been supplemented with a few important posthumous editions of his works; the year given in each entry refers to the first Danish edition. They are all in the public domain because Andersen died over 100 years ago.

Emilius Bangert was a Danish composer, organist, and professor. He played the organ at Roskilde Cathedral and also composed orchestral and chamber music.

Otto Hübertz Mortensen was a Danish composer and conductor. He also played the organ and piano. For a number of years he worked at the Royal Danish Theatre as a rehearser for the opera, and later worked at Aarhus University.

Claus Schall

Claus Nielsen Schall was a Danish violinist and composer.

Holger Lissner, is a Danish priest and hymn writer.

Fynsk Foraar, for soloists, chorus and orchestra, Opus 42, is Carl Nielsen's last major choral work. Written to accompany a prizewinning text by Aage Berntsen, it was first performed in Odense's Kvæghal on 8 July 1922 where it was conducted by Georg Høeberg.

"Elveskud" or "Elverskud" is the Danish, and most widely used, name for one of the most popular ballads in Scandinavia.

Jens Billes visebog is the second oldest major collection of Danish poetry, after the Heart Book. It was compiled in the second half of the 1550s.

Marianne Clausen

Marianne Clausen was a Danish musicologist and choir conductor. She was the daughter of composer, choir conductor and musicologist Karl Clausen (1904–1972). Her main achievement, begun in collaboration with her father in the early 1970s, intensified during the 1990s, and concluded just weeks before her death, was the preservation of traditional Faroese folk singing, which she presented in a number of large volumes with music notation transcriptions of sound recordings. Based on more than 6,000 such recordings, collected by many different scholars, including herself, throughout the entire 20th century, she published around 3,350 music notation examples of various genres of traditional Faroese singing, together with hitherto unpublished song texts, as well as historical and musicological analyses.

A/S Palladium was a Danish film production company which existed from 1919 to 2017.