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Thomas Prendergast (1806–1886) was an East India Company civil servant and writer on language learning.

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Thomas Moore (1779–1852) was an Irish poet, songwriter, singer, novelist, and historian.

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Brigadier-General Sir Thomas Prendergast, 1st Baronet was an Irish politician and soldier.

Sir Thomas Prendergast, 2nd Baronet was an Irish politician. His career was helped by influential family connections, but apparently hampered by his own lack of ability. To Jonathan Swift, who detested him, he was "Noisy Tom", while the King called him "that Irish blockhead".

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Prendergast is a Welsh and Irish surname.

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The Prendergast Baronetcy, of Gort in the County of Galway, was a title in the Baronetage of Ireland. It was created on 15 July 1699 for the Irish soldier and politician Thomas Prendergast. He was killed at the Battle of Malplaquet in 1709 and was succeeded by his son, the second Baronet. He was a member of both the Irish and British Parliaments. He was to be created Viscount Clonmel but died childless in September 1760 before the patent was completed. On his death, the baronetcy became extinct. However, the Prendergast estates passed to the late Baronet's nephew, John Smyth, the second son of his sister Elizabeth and her husband Charles Smyth. He assumed the surname of Prendergast and was created Viscount Gort in 1816.

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