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Sir Henry Morgan was a Welsh privateer and Admiral of Caribbean Fleet; Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica 1675–83.

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Thomas Hughes (1822–1896) was an English lawyer, Member of Parliament (MP) and author.

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William Powell (1892–1984) was an American actor.

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Richards is a common Celtic Welsh, or Cornish surname based on the English version of the parent's name ending in -S. In 1881 people with this surname were mainly located in Wales, Cornwall and adjacent South-West counties of England. By 1998 many Welsh and Cornish people had migrated to cities in England particularly those adjacent to these areas.

John Smith is a common placeholder name and pseudonym, sometimes used in the United States and the United Kingdom as a term for an average person. It may refer to:

Burnett is a Scottish surname. It is derived from a nickname from the Old French burnete, brunette, which is a diminutive of brun meaning "brown", "dark brown". Another proposed origin of the name is from burnete, a high quality wool cloth originally dyed to a dark brown colour.

John Roberts is the seventeenth Chief Justice of the United States.

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Gwynn, Gwynne, Guinn or Gwyn, are given names meaning "white" or/and "blessed" in Welsh and Cornish.