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Thomas Rickman (1776–1841) was an English architect.

Thomas Rickman, was an English architect and architectural antiquary who was a major figure in the Gothic Revival. He is particularly remembered for his Attempt to Discriminate the Styles of English Architecture (1817), which established the basic chronological classification and terminology that are still in widespread use for the different styles of English medieval ecclesiastical architecture.

Thomas Rickman may also refer to:

Thomas "Tom" Rickman was an American film director, playwright, and screenwriter best known for his work on Coal Miner's Daughter, Hooper, Tuesdays with Morrie and Truman. Well known for other major movies such as Everybody's All-American (1988) as per IMDb.

Thomas Clio Rickman English Quaker publisher of political pamphlets

Thomas 'Clio' Rickman (1760–1834) was an English Quaker publisher of political pamphlets.

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The year 1817 in architecture involved some significant events.

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St Matthews Church, Cotham Church in England

St Matthew's Church, Cotham is a Gothic Revival building in the Cotham area of Bristol, England.

Henry Hutchinson was an English architect who partnered with Thomas Rickman in December 1821 to form the Rickman and Hutchinson architecture practice, in which he stayed until his death in 1831. Hutchinson was born on 16 October 1800 in Ticknall, Derbyshire. He partnered with Rickman after he completed his studies under Rickman. Hutchinson has been described as being an architectural genius.

Dr. William Rickman (c.1731—1783) was a prominent figure in the American Revolution, known best as the first Director of Hospitals of the Continental Army in Virginia during the war.

Rickman is both a surname and a given name. As a surname, one origin is as the English version of the German surname Ryckman.

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