Thomas Robertson (Ontario politician)

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Thomas Robertson (January 25, 1827 September 6, 1905) was a lawyer and political figure in Ontario, Canada. He represented Hamilton in the House of Commons of Canada from 1878 to 1887 as a Liberal member.

He was born in Ancaster, Upper Canada, the son of Alexander Robertson, a Scottish immigrant, and Mathilda Simons. Robertson was educated at the University of Toronto, studied law with John Hillyard Cameron and was called to the bar in 1852. He married Frances Louisa Reed in 1850. He served as the first Crown Attorney for Wentworth. Robertson ran unsuccessfully for the federal seat in Wentworth South in 1867. In 1873, he was named Queen's Counsel.

1867 Canadian federal election : Wentworth South
  Liberal Joseph Rymal 1,015
 Unknown Thomas Robertson 988

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Members of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly who served in the 10th parliament of New South Wales held their seats from 1880 to 1882. Elections for the tenth Legislative Assembly were held between 17 November and 10 December 1880 with parliament first meeting on 15 December 1880. Electoral reforms passed by the ninth parliament had resulted in parliament being expanded to 108 members elected in 43 single member electorates, 25 two member electorates, 1 three member electorate and 3 four member electorates. In addition, electorates franchised on qualifications of occupation or education had been abolished. The parliament had a maximum term of 3 years but was dissolved after 23 months. Sir Henry Parkes continued as the Premier for the duration of the parliament. The Speaker was Sir George Allen.

Members of the New South Wales Legislative Council who served from 1861 to 1864 were appointed for life by the Governor on the advice of the Premier. The 1855 Constitution of New South Wales provided that the first council was appointed for a period of 5 years, but that subsequent members would be appointed for life. The previous council had ended in controversy with an attempt was made to swamp the chamber by appointing 21 new members in May 1861, because the council had rejected the Robertson land bills. When the council met and the new members were waiting to be sworn in, the President Sir William Burton stated that he felt he had been treated with discourtesy in the matter, resigned his office of president and his membership, and left the chamber. 19 other members also resigned in protest. In the absence of the President and Chairman of Committees, under the standing orders the council was adjourned. There were no further sitting days before the terms of the members of council had expired.

Wentworth was a provincial riding in Ontario, Canada, that was created for the 1934 election. It was abolished prior to the 1987 election. It was merged into the ridings of Wentworth East and Wentworth North before 1987 election.

Wentworth, an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales, was created in 1859 and abolished in 1904.