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Thomas Rusiak (Swedish pronunciation:  [ˈrǔːʂak] ;[ citation needed ] born Erik Thomas Sihlberg 8 November 1976) is a Swedish rapper, hip hop producer, musician and singer. [1] Rusiak's father was the rather prominent Polish jazz saxophonist, Alfred Banasiak. Rusiak was initially a member of the Stockholm-based hiphop group Sherlock and later closely associated with the popular Swedish rapper Petter, with whom Rusiak worked as a producer and occasional supporting rapper. Rusiak launched his solo career in 2000 with several prominent Swedish artists contributing to his debut album Magic Villa , including Titiyo, Teddybears STHLM and award winning producer Christian Falk.



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<i>Magic Villa</i> 2000 studio album by Thomas Rusiak

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Christian Falk was a Swedish record producer and musician. Falk started his recording career with the band Madhouse in the early 1980s. He later moved on and became a founding member of post-punk band Imperiet.

"Punkrocker" is a song written and originally performed by the Swedish electronic/alternative group Teddybears. The song first appeared on their 2000 album Rock’n’Roll Highschool, and was covered later that year by Caesar's Palace, a band which also includes Teddybears member Joakim Åhlund.

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