Thomas Russ Deacon

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Thomas Russ Deacon
24th Mayor of Winnipeg
Personal details
Born(1865-01-03)3 January 1865
Perth, Canada West
Died30 May 1955(1955-05-30) (aged 90)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Spouse(s)Lily Dingman (m. 1894)
Profession civil engineer

Thomas Russ Deacon (3 January 1865 – 30 May 1955) [1] was a Canadian politician, the 24th Mayor of Winnipeg in 1913 and 1914. [2] [3]

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Deacon was born in Perth, Canada West. After working in Northern Ontario lumber camps, he returned to school, eventually graduating in 1891 with a civil engineering degree at the University of Toronto. [2] After working on the water systems in North Bay, Ontario and on gold mining in Rat Portage, Deacon moved to Winnipeg in 1902 and by 1906 joined the city's council.

Perth, Ontario Town in Ontario, Canada

Perth is a town in Eastern Ontario, Canada. It is located on the Tay River, 83 kilometres (52 mi) southwest of Ottawa, and is the seat of Lanark County.

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He campaigned for mayor on the basis of developing a new source of city water from Shoal Lake in northwestern Ontario. This Greater Winnipeg Water District aqueduct system was created during Deacon's terms as mayor. The Deacon reservoir, built in 1972, was named for Thomas Deacon.

Shoal Lake is the name of several lakes in Ontario:

Greater Winnipeg Water District aqueduct

The Greater Winnipeg Water District Aqueduct supplies the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba with water from Shoal Lake, Ontario. It was put in service in 1919 and cost nearly CDN $16 million. It has a capacity of 85 million Imperial gallons per day and extends approximately 96 miles (153 kilometres) from an intake structures on Shoal Lake to the Deacon Reservoir on the east side of the city. Water flows by gravity from the lake, since the aqueduct drops about 300 feet over its length. The Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway was built for construction and maintenance of the aqueduct. The capacity was planned for a city of one million inhabitants; peak water usage by the city was in 1988 and the capacity of the aqueduct has never been entirely used. An additional 12-mile (19-kilometre) branch was completed in 1960.

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