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Ascog House, where Thomas Russell lived from 1877 to about 1900 Ascog House, Isle of Bute.jpg
Ascog House, where Thomas Russell lived from 1877 to about 1900

Thomas Russell (1836 – 15 August 1911) was a Scottish businessman and politician. [2] [3] He was a partner in the Saracen Foundry, established by his brother-in-law Walter Macfarlane, and bought the Ascog House estate in Bute. [4] He also built a Glasgow city house at 5 Cleveden Road, completed in 1887, [5] and developed housing in Ascog. [6]

Russell was Member of Parliament for Buteshire in 1880. [2] He was also Liberal MP for Glasgow for a few months in 1885. He was returned unopposed at a by-election. [7]

The seat was abolished at the next general election. [8]


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Parliament of the United Kingdom
Preceded by Member of Parliament for Buteshire
April 1880 – June 1880
Succeeded by
Preceded by Member of Parliament for Glasgow
March 1885November 1885
With: Robert Tweedie Middleton
Sir Charles Cameron
Constituency abolished

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