Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers

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Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers
Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers logo.svg
City Nuremberg
League Deutsche Eishockey Liga
Home arena Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
(capacity: 8,400)
Owner(s) Thomas Sabo
General manager Martin Jiranek
Head coachMartin Jiranek
Captain Patrick Reimer
Franchise history
Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Nürnberg

The Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Nürnberg are a professional ice hockey club located in Nuremberg, Germany. They play in the country's premier league, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.

Ice hockey team sport played on ice using sticks, skates, and a puck

Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points. The sport is known to be fast-paced and physical, with teams usually consisting of six players each: one goaltender, and five players who skate up and down the ice trying to take the puck and score a goal against the opposing team.

Nuremberg Place in Bavaria, Germany

Nuremberg is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Bavaria after its capital Munich, and its 511,628 (2016) inhabitants make it the 14th largest city in Germany. On the Pegnitz River and the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal, it lies in the Bavarian administrative region of Middle Franconia, and is the largest city and the unofficial capital of Franconia. Nuremberg forms a continuous conurbation with the neighbouring cities of Fürth, Erlangen and Schwabach with a total population of 787,976 (2016), while the larger Nuremberg Metropolitan Region has approximately 3.5 million inhabitants. The city lies about 170 kilometres (110 mi) north of Munich. It is the largest city in the East Franconian dialect area.

Germany Federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central and Western Europe, lying between the Baltic and North Seas to the north, and the Alps to the south. It borders Denmark to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, France to the southwest, and Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands to the west.



The roots of the team can be traced back to SG Nürnberg, an ice hockey club that played in the 2nd Bundesliga from 1958 until it was closed in 1980 due to financial issues. Today's team was founded in 1980 as EHC Nürnberg 1980 e.V., as a non-profit organization. Play started in 1980–81 in the Bavarian state ice-hockey league (German : Eishockey-Bayernliga). After a single season, the team moved up to the Southern Regional league (German : Regionalliga Süd), and was promoted again after just one season in 1983 to the 3rd tier German Ice Hockey league (German : Oberliga Süd).

2nd Bundesliga (ice hockey) second tier of Ice hockey in Germany

The 2nd Eishockey-Bundesliga was the second tier of Ice hockey in Germany until 2012/13 and has since been replaced by DEL2. Starting in 2002, the league was organized by the ESBG, to which the league organization was outsourced from the DEB, the German ice hockey federation. In the 2012–13 season, it featured 13 teams.

Bavaria State in Germany

Bavaria, officially the Free State of Bavaria, is a landlocked federal state of Germany, occupying its southeastern corner. With an area of 70,550.19 square kilometres, Bavaria is the largest German state by land area. Its territory comprises roughly a fifth of the total land area of Germany. With 13 million inhabitants, it is Germany's second-most-populous state after North Rhine-Westphalia. Bavaria's main cities are Munich and Nuremberg.

German language West Germanic language

German is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein. It is also one of the three official languages of Luxembourg and a co-official language in the Opole Voivodeship in Poland. The languages which are most similar to German are the other members of the West Germanic language branch: Afrikaans, Dutch, English, the Frisian languages, Low German/Low Saxon, Luxembourgish, and Yiddish. There are also strong similarities in vocabulary with Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, although those belong to the North Germanic group. German is the second most widely spoken Germanic language, after English.

By 1987, EHC Nürnberg 1980 moved up to the 2nd Bundesliga. In the early 90's, financial uncertainty around German professional ice-hockey lead to the foundation of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga – DEL. The DEL was modeled after the NHL, with hopes of providing financial stability through licensing and franchising of teams.

Deutsche Eishockey Liga recurring tournament

The Deutsche Eishockey Liga or DEL, is a German professional ice hockey league that was founded in 1994. It was formed as a replacement for the Eishockey-Bundesliga and became the new top-tier league in Germany as a result. Unlike the old Bundesliga, the DEL is not under the administration of the German Ice Hockey Federation.

EHC Nürnberg 1980 was admitted to the DEL as a founding member on 13 June 1994, one of 6 teams from the 2nd Bundesliga. As the DEL replaced the 1st Bundesliga and now represents the highest level of German professional ice-hockey, this in effect resulted in a promotion. In the first DEL season, the EHC 80 Nürnberg finished the regular season on the 12th place, only to be eliminated in the first playoff round.

For the next season, the professional team was broken out of the non-profit organization and incorporated as the Nürnberg Ice Tigers, with the youth and amateurs keeping the old name. [1] In the 1998–99 DEL season the Tigers finished the regular season in first place, but lost in the playoff finals to the Adler Mannheim, who dominated German Ice Hockey in the late 1990s.

Adler Mannheim ice hockey team

The Adler Mannheim are a professional ice hockey team of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, the highest-level ice hockey league in Germany. The team is based in Mannheim, a city in the northern part of Baden-Württemberg. Currently, the team plays at SAP Arena, where they moved to at the beginning of the 2005–06 season after having played at Eisstadion am Friedrichspark for nearly seven decades from 1938 through 2005. They have won the German Championship a total of seven times, six of those coming after 1994 in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.

In 2006, the Ice Tigers and Bionorica AG, signed a three-year agreement giving Bionorica the naming rights to the team. Starting with the 2006–07 DEL season, the team was renamed to Sinupret Ice Tigers, after a Bionorica product.

During the 2008–09 season it became obvious that the Ice Tigers were in a dire financial situation. On 25 November 2008 preliminary insolvency was filed and declared on 30 December declared. This led to the corporate sponsor Bionorica pulling their support in March 2009. An investor group led by local jeweler Thomas Sabo intervened on 3 April 2009, pre-empting bankruptcy proceedings and ensuring participation in the 2009–10 season. The team is now known as the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers.


Current roster

Updated August 30, 2018. [2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G AgeAcquiredBirthplace
41 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Will Acton C L31 2018 Edina, Minnesota, United States
95 Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Eugen Alanov LW L23 2017 Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
10 Flag of the United States.svg Taylor Aronson D R27 2017 Placentia, California
16 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Jason Bast C L29 2018 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
6 Flag of Germany.svg Tim Bender D L24 2018 Mannheim, Germany
11 Flag of the United States.svg Chris Brown RW R28 2018 Flower Mound, Texas, United States
9 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Brandon Buck LW L30 2018 Delaware, Ontario, Canada
91 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Philippe Dupuis RW R33 2016 Laval, Quebec, Canada
2 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Brett Festerling D L33 2016 Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada
74 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Dane Fox LW L25 2017 Chatham, Ontario, Canada
29 Flag of Germany.svg Andreas Jenike G L30 2010 Hamburg, Germany
68 Flag of Slovakia.svg Milan Jurcina D R35 2016 Liptovsky Mikulas, Czechoslovakia
21 Flag of Germany.svg Maximilian Kislinger C R21 2018 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
22 Flag of Germany.svg Oliver Mebus D L25 2016 Dormagen, Germany
72 Flag of Germany.svg Mike Mieszkowski LW L26 2018 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
93 Flag of Germany.svg Leo Pföderl RW R25 2012 Bad Tölz, Germany
1 Flag of Germany.svg Florian Proske G L22 2018 Bad Muskau, Germany
17 Flag of Germany.svg Patrick Reimer  ( C ) RW R36 2012 Mindelheim, Germany
26 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Brandon Segal RW R35 2015 North Delta, British Columbia, Canada
6 Flag of Germany.svg Eric Stephan D L25 2018 Berlin, Germany
33 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Colten Teubert D R29 2016 White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
31 Flag of Germany.svg Niklas Treutle G L27 2017 Nürnberg, Germany
24 Flag of Germany.svg Marcus Weber D L26 2013 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
57 Flag of Germany.svg Daniel Weiss C L29 2018 Titisee-Neustadt, Germany

Former coaches

All-time records

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2009–10 DEL season

The 2009–10 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season is the 16th season since the founding of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. Prior to the season, the Füchse Duisburg voluntarily left the league due to financial hardship. Bietigheim Steelers, champions of the 2. Bundesliga had an opportunity to join the league, but canceled their licensing application.

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