Thomas Scott (1816–1892)

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Thomas Scott (18161892) was a notable New Zealand police officer, mail carrier, storekeeper, ferryman and hotel-keeper. He was born in Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland in 1816. [1]

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486 (NZ) Squadron was a New Zealand fighter squadron of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. It was formed under Article XV of the Empire Air Training Scheme and served in Europe.

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Alexander Scott Bullitt was an American pioneer and statesman who was an early settler in Kentucky. He was a political leader in the early days of Kentucky statehood.

Thomas Scott may refer to:

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Thomas Murray may refer to:

W. J. Coffee British artist and sculptor

William John Coffee (1774–1846) was an internationally renowned English artist and sculptor who worked in porcelain, plaster, and terra cotta. He also worked in oil paint, although this was not the medium for which he became famous. His early career was as a modeller for Duesbury at the china factory on Nottingham Road in Derby, England. The latter part of his life was spent in America.

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William Guyton New Zealand mayor

William Guyton the younger JP (1816–84) was the second Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand in 1843. A position he obtained on the death of George Hunter and held until the Borough was abolished by the British Government.

Henry Tancred (New Zealand politician) New Zealand politician

Henry John Tancred was a 19th-century New Zealand politician.

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The first Christian mission is established at Rangihoua. The Hansen family, the first non-missionary family also settles there. Samuel Marsden explores the Hauraki Gulf and travels to within sight of Tauranga Harbour. The first book in Māori is published in Sydney. The first European is born in New Zealand.

With the purchase of a vessel by Samuel Marsden for use by the Church Missionary Society at the beginning of the year the establishment of a mission in New Zealand is at last possible. After a preliminary scouting trip Marsden and the missionaries arrive at the end of the year and the first mission is begun at Rangihoua Bay in the Bay of Islands.

Innes, when used as a given name, is an Anglicisation of the Scottish Gaelic name Aonghas (Angus). As a surname, it is derived from the Scottish Clan Innes, and originated in Moray. Notable people include:

His Majesty's colonial brig Elizabeth Henrietta was completed in 1816 for New South Wales service, but capsized on the Hunter River, Australia later that year with the loss of two lives. The ship was wrecked in 1825.

The United States Senate elections of 1816 and 1817 were elections for the United States Senate that had the Democratic-Republican Party gain a net of two seats from the admission of a new state, and which coincided with the presidential election.

Events from the year 1816 in Scotland.


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