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Thomas Sellers is an American wheelchair racer who won a gold medal in the 4×400 m relay in the 1992 Summer Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain, where he was also the top American finisher in the 800- and 10,000-meter events. He later set a men's wheelchair record at the 1993 Metro-Dade Miami Marathon, completing the course in 1 hour, 47 minutes and 43 seconds, and in 1995 was a U.S. record-holder at the 1500 meter race. He also competed in the Boston Marathon, coming in second in 1994 and third in 1996. He also competed in the 1996 Summer Paralympics in Atlanta, including the Men's marathon T52-53 event. Sellers, of Ormond Beach, Florida, was paralyzed below the waist after a 1986 car accident. Tom Sellers was the first to engineer an aerodynamic wheelchair bucket which is still in use today. Still holds one of the fastest times at the Boston Marathon 12 fastest as of 2018.

Thomas J. Sellers, Jr. was an American newspaper reporter, primarily for the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and Sunday Ledger-Enquirer in Columbus, Georgia (1950–1968). The Ledger-Enquirer received the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for exposing the corrupt government of Phenix City, Alabama. Sellers was among the first to report on events from Phenix City.

Thomas Jerome Sellers, was an African American journalist, newspaper editor, and newspaper publisher from Charlottesville, Virginia. Sellers grew up in Esmont, Virginia, and was editor of his high school newspaper, the Esmont High School Journal. His first newspaper, The Reflector, began publication in Charlottesville in 1933, and was advertised as "Charlottesville's Only Negro Weekly." Articles and editorials, mostly composed by Sellers, covered a range of topics, including local politics, African American rights, news including reports on local lynchings, some national news, and local African American society news. No issues from The Reflector dated later than 1935 appear to have survived. As a freshman at Virginia Union University in 1935, he started a magazine, The Dawn, while also serving on the staff of the Union publication The Panther. With students from several other schools, he was a founder of the Colored Collegiate Press association in 1937. In the 1940s, Sellers was employed as the Charlottesville superintendent of the Richmond Beneficial Insurance Company. He served as a member of the editorial staff and wrote intermittently for the Norfolk New Journal and Guide, which published his writing from the 1940s to the 1970s. In 1950, Sellers became the editor of The Charlottesville Tribune, a satellite publication of the Roanoke Tribune. It ran for just a few years.

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