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Thomas Sharp may refer to:

Thomas Sharp (priest) English churchman and writer, Archdeacon of Northumberland

Thomas Sharp (1693–1758) was an English churchman, known as a biographer and theological writer, archdeacon of Northumberland from 1723.

Thomas C. Sharp Newspaper publisher and opponent of Joseph Smith, Jr.

Thomas Coke Sharp was a prominent opponent of Joseph Smith and the Latter Day Saints in Illinois in the 1840s. Sharp promoted his anti-Mormon views largely through the Warsaw Signal newspaper, of which he was the owner, editor, and publisher. Sharp was one of five defendants tried and acquitted of the murders of Smith and his brother Hyrum.

Thomas Granville "Tom" Sharp is an English cricketer currently playing for Unicorns. Before joining Unicorns during the 2010 Clydesdale Bank 40 competition, Sharp played 9 List A matches for Cornwall, for whom he also plays in the Minor Counties Cricket Championship.

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