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Sherman is a surname that originated in the Anglo-Saxon language. It means a "shearer of woolen garments", being derived from the words scearra, or "shears", and mann, or "man". The name is cognate with Sharman, Shearman and Shurman. Sherman has also been regularly used as a given name in the United States. This was probably originally in honor of Roger Sherman, though after the Civil War William Tecumseh Sherman was also an influence.

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Perkins is a surname derived from the Anglo-Saxon corruption of the kin of Pierre, introduced into England by the Norman Conquest. It is found throughout mid and southern England.

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Thomas Sherman was an English professional first-class cricketer, active 1846–70, who played mainly for Surrey. Born in Mitcham, he was the son of James Sherman and nephew of John Sherman; he died in Croydon. A right-handed batsman and a right-arm fast roundarm bowler, Sherman made 82 known appearances in first-class matches.

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