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Thomas Simpson (1710–1761) was a British mathematician and inventor.

Thomas Simpson FRS was a British mathematician and inventor known for the eponymous Simpson's rule to approximate definite integrals. The attribution, as often in mathematics, can be debated: this rule had been found 100 years earlier by Johannes Kepler, and in German it is called Keplersche Fassregel.


Thomas, Tom, or Tommy Simpson may also refer to:


Thomas Simpson was a footballer who played as a forward for Stoke, Burslem Port Vale, and Bury in the early 1900s.

Thomas Leo "Duke" Simpson is a retired American professional baseball player. A right-handed pitcher, Simpson had a seven-year (1948–1954) career, which included a full, 1953 season in Major League Baseball for the Chicago Cubs. He stood 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) tall and weighed 190 pounds (86 kg).

Thomas M. Simpson was a Scottish professional footballer who played as an outside right in the Scottish League for Dundee United and in the English Football League for Brighton & Hove Albion.

Arts and entertainment

Thomas Simpson was an English composer who worked in Germany. Simpson, a generation younger than William Brade is first heard of at Heidelberg in 1608.

Tom Simpson (musician) British musician

Tom Simpson is a Scottish DJ and musician, best known as the former keyboardist of the alternative rock band Snow Patrol. Having been with Snow Patrol as a touring member since 1996, he became a permanent one in 2005. In August 2013, he quit the band, citing his desire to do his own thing.


Thomas Simpson (architect of Nottingham)

Thomas Simpson was an English architect based in Nottingham.

Thomas Simpson (1825–1908) was a British architect associated with the seaside town of Brighton. As architect to the Brighton and Preston School Board and the equivalent institution in neighbouring Hove, he designed "a distinguished group of board schools" during the late 19th century, when the provision of mass education was greatly extended. Many of these schools survive and some have listed status. He also worked on five Nonconformist chapels for various Christian denominations, using a wide variety of materials and architectural styles. He was the father of Sir John William Simpson and Gilbert Murray Simpson, who both became architects.

Thomas Simpson (1755–1823) was a British civil engineer.

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