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Thomas Stavros
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Born (1974-11-22) November 22, 1974 (age 46)
OccupationScreenwriter and actor

Thomas Stavros (São Paulo, SP, November 22, 1974) is a Brazilian screenwriter, actor and film producer.



Stavros began his career writing, directing and producing for the theater. In his first play in 2001 – Clube Privê – A Comedy in the Foolish 70's [1] – was a box office record at Bibi Ferreira Theater. Bravo called it one of the 10 best comedies in the country.

His last play was the musical Ceará Show – Agora eu Conheço , [2] written in 2016 in partnership with Silvio Guindane, receiving 11 nominations for the Quimera Theater Award, earning 6, among them Best Play and Best Author. [3]

He founded Produção Carioca, [4] where he signed the creation and direction of dozens institutional movies. He also created a content factory, where he began to develop his audiovisual projects for cinema and television shows and series.

In the cinema´s industry, began acquiring the rights of the biography of the world champion Eder Jofre for the movie 10 Seconds ,. His first project as Showrunner – where he is creator, screenwriter and producer, produced by Globo Filmes, in partnership with Tambellini Filmes, directed by José Alvarenga Jr. It premiered on September 27, 2018. [5] On August 25, 2018 the film was awarded by 2 Kikitos at the Gramado Film Festival. The best actor for Osmar Prado (Kid Jofre), and the best supporting actor for Ricardo Gelli (Zumbanão). [6]

In January 2019, 10 Seconds debuts in a 4-episode miniseries format on TV Globo and closes with a record audience. [7]

He also collaborated with Gonzaga – de Pai para Filho by Breno Silveira. [8]

In 2016 he wrote the movie Federal Police – No One is Above the Law , [9] [10] directed by Marcelo Antunez, which opened in 2017, hitting the national box office record of the same year. [11]

He also wrote the feature 2 Shots of Tequila ,, directed by Juan Zapata, which will be filmed in Los Angeles in 2021. [12]

For TV, he began as one of the writers of the hit series Acerto de Contas , produced by Mariza Leão and directed by José Joffily for Multishow, [13] beating audience record.

He also wrote Sem Volta , the first action and adventure series in Brazil, a super production of Record, in partnership with Gustavo Lipsztein. [14]

In 2015, he creates the TV series 1 Against All, where he is also the screenwriter, produced by Conspiração Filmes for Fox Brazil and Latin America, directed by Breno Silveira. [15] It was considered by the media as the Brazilian Breaking Bad. [16] The 1st season of 1 Against All in 2016 increased the channel's audience by 74%, and was nominated for the Golden Nymph Award [17] and the ABRA Screenplay Award. [18] In 2017 was nominated as the best series by the APCA. The protagonist Julio Andrade was nominated for the International Emmy for his performance in the series. [19] The second season premiered in 2017 with great success, [20] and was nominated for best drama series to the International Emmy 2018. [21] Season 3 premiered in 2018, becoming the Brazilian most watched TV series. [22] and was also nominated for best drama series at the International Emmy 2019. [23] Season 4 opens in March 2020. And after so much success in Latin America, the series will have a remake produced in Mexico, entirely in Spanish. [24]

Currently develops 2 more series for streaming and the feature "Malandragem uma um Tempo", based on the biography of singer Bezerra da Silva. [25]


2012Gonzaga – de Pai para FilhoCollaborating Writer
2014 Acerto de Contas Writer
2016 Ceará Show – Agora eu Conheço Writer
2016Sem VoltaWriter
20161 Against All – Season 1Creator and Writer
2017 Federal Police – No One is Above the Law Writer
20171 Against All – Season 2Creator and Writer
2018 10 Segundos Para Vencer - movieProducer, Creator and Writer
20181 Against All – Season 3Creator and Writer
2019 10 Segundos Para Vencer - miniseriesProducer, Creator and Writer
20201 Against All – Season 4Creator and Writer
2021Malandragem dá um TempoProducer, Creator and Writer
20212 Shots of TequilaWriter

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