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Thomas Stevenson (1818–1887) was an engineer and lighthouse designer

Thomas Stevenson British engineer

Thomas StevensonPRSE MInstCE FRSSA FSAScot was a pioneering Scottish lighthouse designer and meteorologist, who designed over thirty lighthouses in and around Scotland, as well as the Stevenson screen used in meteorology. His designs, celebrated as ground breaking, ushered in a new era of lighthouse creation.

Thomas or Tom Stevenson may also refer to:

Thomas Stevenson (toxicologist) English toxicologist and forensic chemist

Thomas Stevenson was an English toxicologist and forensic chemist. He served as an analyst to the Home Office and in England he served as an expert witness in many famous poisoning cases. These included the Pimlico Mystery, The Maybrick Case, the Lambeth Poisoner, and the George Chapman case.

Thomas Stevenson was an English first-class cricketer. He is recorded as a batsman for Cambridge University in one match in 1822, totalling 18 runs with a highest score of 13.

Thomas G. Stevenson American general

Thomas Greely Stevenson was a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He was killed in action during the battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.

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