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Thomas Sweeney may refer to:

Thomas Sweeny or Sweeney, was a prominent glass manufacturer in what became Wheeling, West Virginia during the American Civil War, who before that war served in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly and ran the North Wheeling Flint Glass Works.

Thomas Bell Sweeney Jr., a Republican politician from the state of West Virginia.


Kerfuffle were a four-piece English folk band, originally formed in 2001 around the East Midlands and South Yorkshire regions of the UK, initially comprising Hannah James, Sam Sweeney, Chris Thornton-Smith (guitar) and Tom Sweeney. Thornton-Smith was replaced by Jamie Roberts in 2007. Kerfuffle disbanded in August 2010.

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Thomas William Sweeny United States Army general

Thomas William Sweeny was an Irish-American soldier who served in the Mexican–American War and then was a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

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