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Thomas T. Dahl
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Dahl at Vossajazz 2014.
Background information
Birth nameThomas Tellevik Dahl
Born (1973-09-07) 7 September 1973 (age 45)
Bergen, Hordaland
Origin Norway
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s)Musician, composer

Thomas Tellevik Dahl (born 7 September 1973) is a Norwegian jazz musician (guitar), music educator and composer, known from a series recordings, among others within bands like Krøyt and Dingobats. [1] [2]

Krøyt is a Norwegian jazz band, known from several album releases.

Dingobats is a Norwegian Jazz band, composed of students from Jazz program at Trondheim Musikkonsevatorium. The band leader, saxophonist, composer and music arranger Eirik Hegdal, is also known for his cooperation with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra performing with Pat Metheny and Chick Corea.



Dahl is educated at the "Skeisvang videregående skole" in Haugesund (1989–92), "Sund folkehøgskole" in Inderøy (1992–93) and on the Jazz program at Trondheim Musikkonservatorium (1993–98). [3] Dahl has released several albums and received Spellemannprisen 1999 with Krøyt (1993–2005), [4] [5] joined the band Dingobats (1995–2005), [6] releasing three albums [7] and within John Pål Inderberg's twelve-tone Quartet (1995–96), and Erlend Skomsvoll's "Skomsork" (1996–02).

Haugesund Municipality in Rogaland, Norway

Haugesund  (HGSD) is a city and municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The town is the main population centre of the Haugaland region in northern Rogaland. The majority of the population of Haugesund lives in the main urban area surrounding the city centre, with the northwestern part of the municipality being fairly rural.

Inderøy Municipality in Trøndelag, Norway

Inderøy is a municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is part of the Innherad region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Straumen. Other villages include Framverran, Gangstadhaugen, Hylla, Kjerknesvågen, Kjerringvik, Røra, Sakshaug, Sandvollan, Småland, Trongsundet, Utøy, Vangshylla, and Venneshamn. The municipality is primarily an agricultural community, but also has some industry.

Spellemannprisen, often referred to as the Norwegian Grammy Awards in English, is a Norwegian music award presented to Norwegian musicians. The award was established by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), an organization that represents the interests of the recording industry worldwide. First awarded in 1973, the prize honours musicians from the previous year; it is still awarded annually. The Spellemann committee, composed of members of IFPI Norway and FONO, manages the award and acts as the judge. Twenty-one categories are currently awarded and the committee may award additional honorary and industry awards.

He has written commissioned works for Nattjazz 2004 (Norsk Hydro), for "Finsejazz" 2005, and with Per Jørgensen and Frank Jakobsen, composed "Tomlane opp" (2006). Dahl has worked as a music educator on the Jazz program at Trondheim Musikkonservatorium (NTNU), Agder Musikkonservatorium, HiA (2002–05) and Griegakademiet, University of Bergen (2005–), where he is associate professor. [8]


Bergen International Jazz Festival or Nattjazz, is one of the largest jazz festivals of Norway. The festival has a musical profile with an emphasis on ethnic and contemporary jazz. It is held annually in late May, coinciding with Festspillene i Bergen, and is located at Verftet in Bergen.

Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro ASA is a Norwegian aluminium and renewable energy company, headquartered in Oslo. It is one of the largest aluminium companies worldwide. It has operations in some 50 countries around the world and is active on all continents. The Norwegian state owns 34.3% of the company through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. A further 6.5% is owned by Folketrygdfond, which administers the Government Pension Fund of Norway. Norsk Hydro employs approximately 35,000 people. Hilde Merete Aasheim has been the CEO since May, 2019.

Per Jørgensen Norwegian jazz musician

Per Jørgensen is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist with trumpet as his main instrument, also known for his vocal contributions, in collaboration with Dag Arnesen, Knut Kristiansen, Alex Riel, Jon Christensen, Jon Balke, Audun Kleive, Jan Gunnar Hoff, Marilyn Mazur, Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft, and Terje Isungset.

Thomas T Dahls main projects are "Thomas Dahl & Court" with Harmen Fraanje, Magne Thormodsæter and Håkon Mjåset Johansen, and "Skydive Trio" with Mats Eilertsen and Olavi Louhivuori.

Harmen Fraanje is a Dutch jazz pianist and composer. He currently lives in Amsterdam.

Magne Thormodsæter Norwegian musician

Magne Thormodsæter is an award-winning Norwegian Jazz musician and composer, known from a dozen releases and cooperations with the likes of Terje Rypdal, Ståle Storløkken, Paolo Vinaccia, Karin Krog and John Surman.

Håkon Mjåset Johansen Jazz drummer

Håkon Mjåset Johansen is a Norwegian jazz drummer and composer, known from playing with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra featuring Chick Corea at Moldejazz 2000, cooperations with Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conceptions of Jazz, Ole Morten Vågan's Motif, Siri Gjære's Cricket Club and the Ola Kvernberg Trio. He has also contributed to releases with Jon Larsen, the Atle Nymo/Frode Nymo Quartet and Jan Garbarek.

Thomas Dahl & Court released their debut album "Quilter" (Losen Records) in 2019

Skydive Trio released their first album "Sun Moee" in 2015 (Hubro). Skydive Trio comes out of Mats Eilertsens Skydive Quintet who also feature Tore Brunborg (tenor saxophone) and Alexi Tuomarila (Piano). He has also released two albums with BMX: Øyvind Skarbø (Drums), Njål Ølnes (tenor saxophone) and Per Jørgensen (trumpet, voice, perc).

Tore Brunborg Norwegian jazz saxophonist

Tore Brunborg is a Norwegian jazz musician and composer who plays saxophone. He was born in Trondheim, but grew up in Voss where a jazz environment was flowering. Known from numerous appearances with international greats including Bugge Wesseltoft, Håvard Wiik, Audun Kleive, Anders Jormin, Diederik Wissels, Arild Andersen, Pat Metheny, Per Jørgensen, Geir Lysne, Misha Alperin, Bjørn Alterhaug, Jan Gunnar Hoff, Jarle Vespestad, Jon Christensen, Jon Balke, Nils Petter Molvær, Vigleik Storaas, Bo Stief, and Billy Cobham.

Alexi Tuomarila is a Finnish jazz pianist and composer.

Øyvind Skarbø

Øyvind Skarbø is a Norwegian drummer and composer, raised in Stranda, and now residing in Bergen.



Vossajazz or Vossa Jazz is an international jazz festival in Voss, Norway, which takes place annually during the week before Easter, and which also includes concerts throughout the year. The festival has been led by Trude Storheim since August 2007.



   Thomas Dahl & Court: Quilter (Losen records)    Eivind Austad Trio: Northbound (Losen Records) as Producer (Releasedate 31.05.19)


   Michael Wallace Quartet: Hinterland (    Skydive Trio: Sun Sparkle (Hubro)    Ole Marius Sandberg: Ensemble (Skaret Music)


   Anne Hvidsten: Desembersang (Singel) (Anne Hvidsten music & media)    Christine Sandtorv: I Mellom Skyer (Ifemmera Records)    Ragnar Blichfeldt: Guder og Glitter (Tylden)    Bergen Big Band & Dag Arnesen: Norwegian Song IV (ODIN)    Lekerommet: Kyllingen som ikke kunne synge (Lekerommet/Bergen Jazzforum)


 Mats Eilertsen, Eirik Hegdal, Trygve Seim, Harmen Fraanje, and Olavi Louhivuori: Rubicon (ECM Records, 2016), commission for the 2014 Vossajazz     Eivind Austad Trio: Moving (Ozella) - as Producer     Knut Kristiansen & Bergen Big Band: Kuria Suite (Grappa) - as Producer


   SkyDive Trio: Sun Moee (Hubro) [9]     Voksne Herrers Orkester: En Hyllest til Logen (Grappa)


   BMX: Rozel Point (Øyvind Jazzforum)    Calle Hamre: Why do they call it Dying (Singel) (YFM)


   VHO: Hem Til Jul (Egil Eldøen)    Ugress: Another Planet EP (Uncanny Planet)    Lise Olden: Min Skattekiste (Loe Prod.)


   Kåre Kalvenes: Biter av Tid (Kåre Kalvenes)    Ugress: Time Machine EP (Uncanny Planet)    Qvales Ensemble: Bohem (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)    HighasaKite : All That Floats Will Rain (Riot Factory/Highasakite)    HighasaKite : Son Of A  (Single) (Riot Factory/Highasakite)


   Ugress: Wulfhöken Spaceport Affairs (Uncanny Planet)    HighasaKite : Indian Summer (Single) (Riot Factory/Highasakite)    Jan Eggum : Kjærlighet & Ærlighet 3 (Grappa Records)    Mats Eilertsen : Skydive (Hubro) Norwegian Grammy Nomination


   BMX : Bergen Open (NorCD)    Erik Moll : Fram til i dag (EMM Records)    Jan Toft : Alle e aleina (WEA) Norwegian Grammy Nomination    St. Satan : Horns for Adornment (Grindar)    Elg : Storm (Big Box Records)


   Mats Eilertsen : Radio Yonder (Hubro)    Christine Sandtorv : Stjerneteller – Godnattsanger (Ifemmera Records)


   Guttene : Du e' i Bergen no (Breiflabb Records)    Pinocchio : Ai-Ai-Ai Pinocchio er her (Pinocchio)    Vamp : St. Mandag (Major Selskapet) Norwegian Grammy Nomination


   Elvin Friendly : Elvin Friendly (Music Business Norway AS)    Terje Nilsen : Portrett (Grammofon)    Kloster : Big Fish (Kloster)    Erlend Ropstad : Bright Late Nights (REC 90)


   Kristin Asbjørnsen : Factotum (Milan Music)    Heidi Marie Vestrheim : Beautiful Houses (Bluebox Records)    Christine Sandtorv : First Last Dance (Ifemmera Records)    Siri Gjære : Survival Kit (Bergland Production)    Erlend Skomsvoll : Variasjoner (Grappa Records)


   Linda Fosse Hagen : Eit Eventyr (Linda Fosse Hagen)


   Dingobats : Follow (Jazzaway Records)    Christine Guldbrandsen : Moments (EPIC)    Ephemera : Monolove (Ephemera Records)    Skomsork : Skomsork (Park Grammofon) Norwegian Grammy Nomination


   Karin Park : Superworldunknown (Waterfall Records) Norwegian Grammy Nomination


   Ivar Neergaard : Mulle Miktor Synger og Fantasoferer (Bergen Records) Norwegian Grammy Nomination    Dingobats : Pöck (Bergland Production)


   KRØYT : Body Electric (MNW)    Lars Erik Drevvatne : Keys on and off (Acoustic Records)    KRØYT : One Heart Is Too Small (MNW) Norwegian Grammy Nomination


   Blå – Blå i Molde (w/KRØYT) (BP)    KRØYT : Low (BP) SNorwegian Grammy Winner    KRØYT : Shall I Forget? (Single) (BP)


   Lina Holt : 14736 Tekopper (Teselskapet)    Dingobats : The New Dingobats Generation (Turn Left Productions)


   KRØYT : Sub (Curling Legs Productions)    Bluescreen : Change (Arcade Music/MSO)


   SFH '93 (SFH)

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Kjetil Møster Jazz saxophonist

Kjetil Traavik Møster is a Norwegian jazz musician and composer, known from bands like The Core, Ultralyd, Brat, Zanussi 5, and performance with Chick Corea at Moldejazz 2000, later released on CD. He has also made his mark with experimental performances at the interface between electronic based fri-rock and jazz.

Eirik Hegdal Jazz saxophonist

Eirik Hegdal is a Norwegian Jazz musician (saxophone), composer, arranger and music teacher, known from the band Dingobats (1995-2005) and as leader of Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

Sverre Gjørvad is a Norwegian jazz musician (drums) and composer. He is known for participating in establishing the SoddJazz festival and recording with various notable musicians including Live Maria Roggen, Ståle Storløkken, Mats Eilertsen and Nils-Olav Johansen.

Kirsti Huke is a Norwegian singer, and composer, she was best recognized as lead singer for Norwegian doom metal/experimental band The 3rd and the Mortal in the final line-up.

Grappa Musikkforlag AS is a Norwegian music company initiated and directed by Helge Westbye. It is one of the oldest and biggest independent record companies in Norway today. The company represents prominent Norwegian artists, and the catalog consists of more than 35 000 tracks in all genres of music. The classic catalog is marketed through Simax Classics. Folk and world music is released on the Heilo label which was taken over by Grappa in 1995. Besides representing the labels Blue Mood, Hubro and Barneselskapet. Grappa is also engaged in several other music companies such as Drabant Music, Curling Legs and Rune Grammofon. Grappa has a close cooperation with the "Norsk Komponistforening" for the marketing of their contemporary music published on the Aurora label and with Norsk Jazzforum for the jazz label Odin. Grappa is the Norwegian Music Publishing company with the most nominations for the Norwegian Grammy, Spellemannprisen. The company's DVD releases have also set Norwegian sales records. Grappa is part of FONO.

Hildegunn Øiseth is a Norwegian Jazz musician.

Ole Marius Sandberg is a Norwegian jazz musician, known from a series of recordings and collaborations with such as Erlend Skomsvoll, Odd Børretzen, Jan Eggum, Herborg Kråkevik, Christina Bjordal, and Nathalie Nordnes.

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Njål Ølnes is a Norwegian jazz musician, composer and jazz educator currently residing in Nesodden.

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