Thomas Tench

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Thomas Tench
9th Royal Governor of Maryland
In office
Preceded by Nathaniel Blakiston
Succeeded by John Seymour
Personal details
Bornc.1650s (2021-09-18UTC22:50)
Died1708 (1709)
Resting place St. James' Parish
  • Margaret Burrage (d. 1694)
  • Margaret

Thomas Tench (c.1650s – 1708) was the 9th Royal Governor of Maryland, from 1702 to 1704. [1] He was appointed by his predecessor, Nathaniel Blakiston, and was succeeded by Colonel John Seymour.


Early life

Thomas Tench was probably born in the 1650s in England. [2] He immigrated to the Anne Arundel County, Maryland in 1684. [2]

Personal life

Tench married Margaret Burrage in 1684 or 1685. She had been previously married to Nathan Smith (d. 1684). She had three children from her previous marriage. She died in 1694. [2] Tench married Margaret by 1704. [2]


Tench was a merchant and transported servants from London to Maryland between 1675 and 1684. In 1694, his ship was seized for violating the Navigation Acts. [2] Tench served as justice in Anne Arundel County from 1685 to 1692. He also served as coroner of Anne Arundel County from 1689 to 1692. [2]

Tench served in the upper house in Maryland from 1692–1693, 1694–1697, 1697/1698–1700, 1701–1704 and 1704–1707. [2] In 1702, He served as the 9th Royal Governor of Maryland. [1] Tench served as a vestryman at Christ Church in Philadelphia. [2]


Tench died in 1708. He was buried at St. James' Parish in Anne Arundel County. [2]

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