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Gob is a Canadian punk rock band from Langley, British Columbia, formed in 1993. The band consists of Tom Thacker, Theo Goutzinakis, Gabe Mantle and Steven Fairweather. Juno nominated for best new group in 2000, and another Juno nomination for best video in 2002. Gob's most successful album is World According to Gob. Their best-selling songs to date are "I Hear You Calling", "Soda", and "Banshee Song". They have been featured in movies, TV shows, and many sporting video games such as NHL 2002, NHL 2003, NHL 2004 and Madden NFL 2004 with songs such as "Oh! Ellin", "I've Been Up These Steps", "Sick With You", "I Hear You Calling" and "Give Up The Grudge". The band has appeared at several music festivals, the most well-known being the Vans Warped Tour. Thacker is also a lead guitarist for fellow Canadian rock band Sum 41.

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The 1963 NBA draft was the 17th annual draft of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The draft was held on April 30 and May 7, 1963, before the 1963–64 season. In this draft, nine NBA teams took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players. A player who had finished his four-year college eligibility was eligible for selection. If a player left college early, he would not be eligible for selection until his college class graduated. In each round, the teams select in reverse order of their win–loss record in the previous season. Before the draft, a team could forfeit its first-round draft pick and then select any player from within a 50-mile radius of its home arena as their territorial pick. The Chicago Zephyrs relocated to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Bullets prior to the draft. The Syracuse Nationals participated in the draft, but relocated to Philadelphia and became the Philadelphia 76ers prior to the start of the season. The draft consisted of 15 rounds comprising 84 players selected.
This draft holds the record for the fewest non-territorial picks who later debuted in the NBA, with 17.

Tom Thacker (basketball) American basketball player

Thomas Porter Thacker is an American retired basketball player. He played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Cincinnati Royals and the Boston Celtics from 1963 to 1968, and from 1968 to 1971, for the American Basketball Association's Indiana Pacers. He is the only player to have played on an NCAA championship team, an ABA championship team, and an NBA championship team.

Tom Thacker (musician) Canadian musician

Thomas Arnold Thacker, nicknamed Brown Tom, is a Canadian musician. He is the lead guitarist, lead singer and co-founder of the Canadian punk rock group Gob and a guitarist for Sum 41. Thacker formed Gob with Theo Goutzinakis in 1993. Following Dave Baksh’s departure from Sum 41 on May 11, 2006, Thacker was recruited as their touring guitarist, and then became an official member in 2009. He has remained with Sum 41 ever since, even after Baksh rejoined the band in 2015, contributing to three studio releases.

<i>Muertos Vivos</i> 2007 studio album by Gob

Muertos Vivos is Gob's fifth studio album. It was released October 23, 2007 in Canada, November 27, 2007 in the United States and December 5, 2007 in Japan. It is the only album featuring bassist Tyson Maiko, who left the band in 2008.

Ralph Thacker American football coach

Ralph William Thacker was an American football and basketball coach. He served as the head football coach at Central Michigan University in 1907, at Nebraska State Normal School—now known as Peru State College—in 1912, the University of Wyoming from 1913 to 1914, and Lake Forest College in 1915, compiling a career college football record of 7–22–2. Thacker was also the head basketball Nebraska State Normal from 1911 to 1913, at Wyoming from 1913 to 1915, and at Lake Forest for the 1915–16 season. Thacker died on April 12, 1962.

Henry Thacker New Zealand politician, and rugby league administrator

Henry Thomas Joynt Thacker was a doctor, New Zealand Member of Parliament and Mayor of Christchurch.

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David Thacker is an English award-winning theatre director. He is married to the actor Margot Leicester.

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Thomas Iain Abercrombie is a New Zealand professional basketball player for the New Zealand Breakers of the Australian National Basketball League (NBL). A product of Westlake Boys High School in Auckland, Abercrombie had a short-lived college basketball stint with Washington State before debuting in the Australian NBL in 2008 with the Breakers. In 2011, he won his first NBL championship and earned Grand Final MVP honours. He went on to win three more championships in 2012, 2013 and 2015. An 11-year, 303-game veteran with the Breakers, Abercrombie is the club's all-time leading scorer with 3,450 points.

Stephanie Dawn Thacker is a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.