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Thomas Owen Townley (August 18, 1862 March 19, 1935) was a Canadian lawyer and the eighth Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, serving one term in 1901.

Canadians citizens of Canada

Canadians are people identified with the country of Canada. This connection may be residential, legal, historical or cultural. For most Canadians, several of these connections exist and are collectively the source of their being Canadian.

British Columbia Province of Canada

British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. With an estimated population of 5.016 million as of 2018, it is Canada's third-most populous province.

Born in Newmarket, Ontario, the son of John and Alice (Dixon) Townley, both of whom were natives of Lancashire, England, Townley was educated in the public schools of Newmarket and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1882 from the Trinity College, Toronto. He later studied law in Winnipeg and was called to the bar of Manitoba in 1886. He moved to Vancouver and started a law practice. From 1889 to 1910, he was registrar of land titles for the District of New Westminster. In 1901, he was elected mayor of Vancouver and served for one term. From 1886 to 1896, he served in the militia, retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Newmarket, Ontario Town in Ontario, Canada

Newmarket is a town and regional seat of the Regional Municipality of York in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is part of Greater Toronto in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario. Many Newmarket residents commute to Toronto, about 45 minutes transit time south of the town.

Lancashire County of England

Lancashire is a ceremonial county in North West England. The administrative centre is Preston. The county has a population of 1,449,300 and an area of 1,189 square miles (3,080 km2). People from Lancashire are known as Lancastrians.

England Country in north-west Europe, part of the United Kingdom

England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Wales to the west and Scotland to the north-northwest. The Irish Sea lies west of England and the Celtic Sea lies to the southwest. England is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. The country covers five-eighths of the island of Great Britain, which lies in the North Atlantic, and includes over 100 smaller islands, such as the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight.

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William Templeton (mayor) Canadian mayor

William Templeton was the sixth Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, serving only one term in 1897.

Dr. William J. McGuigan was the tenth Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia and served one term in 1904. He was born in Stratford, Ontario and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver.

Robert Alexander Anderson politician, was the fourth Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, serving one term in 1894. He had previously served as an alderman, from 1892 to 1893. He was born in Armagh, Ireland and died in New Westminster, British Columbia.

Frederick Buscombe Canadian politician

Frederick Buscombe, was the 11th Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He served from 1905 to 1906. A glassware and china merchant, he was a President of the Vancouver Board of Trade in 1900.

Charles Douglas (mayor) Canadian mayor

Charles Stanford Douglas born in Madison, Wisconsin, co-journalist and realtor, was the 13th Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, serving one term of office in 1909. He represented Emerson from 1883 to 1888 in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as a Conservative.

Stephen Owen,, is a Canadian administrator and politician. Owen was the Vice-President of External, Legal and Community Relations for the University of British Columbia.

Arthur Edwin Shelton was the third mayor of the town of Calgary, Alberta.

Vancouver City Council

Vancouver City Council is the governing body of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The council consists of the mayor plus ten councillors elected to serve a four-year term. The current council was determined by the 2018 civic election. Monthly, a deputy mayor is appointed from among the councillors. The current mayor is Kennedy Stewart, who sits as an independent.

Jack J. Volrich was born in Anyox, British Columbia and was the 33rd mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from 1977 to 1980. Prior to this, he practised law and served as an alderman on the Vancouver City Council.

Alexander Lucas Canadian politician

Alexander Lucas was a Canadian businessman and politician. He was the seventh mayor of the town of Calgary, Alberta and spent six years as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in British Columbia.

Frederick L. Townley (1887–1966), was a Canadian architect whose most notable works included Vancouver City Hall, the Great Northern Railway station (destroyed), the Capitol Theatre, Vancouver General Hospital, the Vancouver Stock Exchange Building, Point Grey Secondary School and the CNIB Building.

Suzanne Anton Canadian politician

Suzanne Anton, is a Canadian politician and the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of British Columbia. Elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in the 2013 provincial election, Anton represented the riding of Vancouver-Fraserview as a member of the British Columbia Liberal Party, following a career at the municipal level. She was appointed British Columbia's Attorney General and Minister of Justice on June 10, 2013. Prior to her political involvement, Anton was a lawyer and former prosecutor with the Criminal Justice Branch of British Columbia. She was defeated in the 2017 provincial election by George Chow.

John Robert "Jack" Nicholson, was a Canadian lawyer, businessman, politician and the 21st Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

Charles Edward Tisdall 19th mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia

Charles Edward Tisdall was the 19th mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia from 1922 to 1923. He was born in Birmingham, England and moved to Vancouver in April 1888. In 1899 he was elected Chairman of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Jonathan Webster Cornett was the 25th mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia from 1941 to 1946. He was born in Lansdowne, Ontario, moving to Vancouver in 1907.

Charles E. Jones was the 26th mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia from August 1947 until September 1948. He was born in Whitby, England and moved to Vancouver in 1905. It is uncertain whether the Whitby of his birth was the fishing port in Yorkshire, or the district of Whitby in Ellesmere Port on the Wirral, but his birthplace is likely the latter. A Charles Jones was listed on the 1901 census return for Whitby, Ellesmere Port who was age 20 at the time, and could be the same Charles E. Jones who was born in 1881.

Charles Edwin Thompson was a Canadian politician. He served one year as the 27th mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Geoff Plant, QC is a British Columbia lawyer and retired politician known for his interest in citizen's legal and electoral rights and aboriginal rights.

Alexander Rocke Robertson Canadian politician

Alexander Rocke Robertson was a Canadian lawyer, judge, and politician.


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