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Thomas Victor Hall [1] (T. Victor Hall; May 30, 1879 – 1965) was an American illustrator, painter and sculptor.



Hall was born in Rising Sun, Indiana, 1879. He attended the Cincinnati Art Academy in the early 1900s where he studied with Frank Duveneck. Later he moved to [2] Peekskill, New York and pursued a career as an illustrator. In 1919 he joined Louis C. Pedlar, Inc. Pedlar initiated the Art Director's Club in 1920. [3] Hall's work appeared in many magazines and books of the day, including the St. Nicholas magazine , The Argosy and The Youth's Companion Magazine. [4] Thomas Victor Hall's illustrations also appeared in All-Story Weekly', of which the most noteworthy is a series for Edgar Rice Burroughs' At The Earth's Core. . [5]

Rising Sun, Indiana City in Indiana, United States

Rising Sun is a city in Randolph Township, Ohio County, Indiana, United States, along the Ohio River. The population was 2,304 at the 2010 census. The city is the county seat of and the only incorporated community in Ohio County.

Frank Duveneck American painter

Frank Duveneck was an American figure and portrait painter.

Peekskill, New York City in New York, United States

Peekskill, officially the City of Peekskill, is a city in Westchester County, New York. Peekskill is situated on a bay along the east side of the Hudson River, across from Jones Point. The population was 23,583 during the 2010 census.

Hall was well known as a war illustrator. Robert Rotter and T. Victor Hall illustrated a book, written by various authors, The Best 100 True Stories Of World War II, [6] H. Wise & Co., Inc. 1945. He published his own book in 1934, Pitman Publishing Corporation titled First Steps in Pictorial Composition [7] Hall continued to work and show in New York throughout the 20th century. [8] He died in 1965.

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