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Thomas Wardrope Eadie (July 26, 1898 September 6, 1986) Born in Ottawa and died at Pierrefonds Manor QC. Son of Robert and Flora (Stewart) President of Bell Canada from July 1, 1953 to July 31, 1963 - Thomas Eadie graduated from McGill University (Engineering) in 1923 and immediately signed on with Bell Canada and over the next 30 years he occupied a succession of engineering and administrative positions before his appointment as president of Bell Canada. In the 1950s, Mr. Eadie presided over the company's role in building the Trans Canada Microwave System, now recognized as one of the major engineering feats of the last century. [1] [2] [3]

Bell Canada Canadian telecommunications and media company

Bell Canada is a Canadian telecommunications company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is the incumbent local exchange carrier for telephone and DSL Internet services in most of Canada east of Saskatchewan and in the northern territories, and a major competitive local exchange carrier for enterprise customers in the western provinces.

McGill University English-language university in Montreal, Quebec

McGill University is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established in 1821 by royal charter, granted by King George IV. The university bears the name of James McGill, a Montreal merchant originally from Scotland whose bequest in 1813 formed the university's precursor, McGill College.

Trans Canada Microwave or Trans-Canada Skyway was a microwave system built in the 1950s to carry telephone and TV from Canada's east coast to its west coast. Because microwaves travel in a straight line and do not follow the curvature of the Earth, towers were built every 48 kilometres. The towers ranged from nine metres high to over 100 metres high in northern Ontario. The system included 139 towers spanning over 6275 kilometres and cost $50 million.

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The Thomas W. Eadie Medal is an award of the Royal Society of Canada "for contributions in engineering and applied science". It is named in honour of Thomas Wardrope Eadie and is awarded annually. The award consists of a bronze medal and C$3,000 of cash. The award appears to have been discontinued.

Marcel Vincent, was a Canadian businessman. He was the first French Canadian president of Bell Canada from August 1, 1963, to August 1, 1968. He was chairman and CEO from August 1, 1968, to December 31, 1972.

Charles Fleetford Sise Canadian businessman

Charles Fleetford Sise, Sr. was a U.S.-Canadian businessman and one of the first presidents of Bell Canada. He was also part of its first board of directors, and that of the Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company (Nortel), the telephone company's equipment manufacturer, from 1895 to 1918.

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Alexander Graham Bell scientist and inventor known for his work on the telephone

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator who is credited with inventing and patenting the first practical telephone. He also founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885.

Cindy Eadie is a Canadian softball third baseman and hockey goaltender.

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George Calvin Wardrope was a politician in Ontario, Canada. He served as a Progressive Conservative member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1951 to 1967. He was a member of cabinet in the governments of Leslie Frost and John Robarts.

Russell (Ontario electoral district) electoral district in Ontario, Canada

Russell was a federal electoral district in eastern Ontario, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1867 to 1968.

William-Henry Gauvin, was a dedicated educator, world-renowned Canadian chemical engineer and champion of industry-university-governmental research in Canada.

Alfred Yi Cho is the Adjunct Vice President of Semiconductor Research at Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs. He is known as the "father of molecular beam epitaxy"; a technique he developed at that facility in the late 1960s. He is also the co-inventor, with Federico Capasso of quantum cascade lasers at Bell Labs in 1994.

Martin Bradbury Wilk, was a Canadian statistician, academic, and the former Chief Statistician of Canada. In 1965, together with Samuel Shapiro, he developed the Shapiro–Wilk test, which can indicate whether a sample of numbers would be unusual if it came from a Gaussian distribution. With Ramanathan Gnanadesikan he developed a number of important graphical techniques for data analysis, including the Q–Q plot and P–P plot.

Bernard Etkin, was a Canadian academic and one of the world's recognized authorities on aircraft guidance and control.

<i>A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular</i> 1996 studio album by Hooverphonic

A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular is the debut studio album by the Belgian band Hooverphonic. It was first released on 29 July 1996, credited to the band's original name, "Hoover". "2 Wicky", "Wardrope", "Barabas" and "Inhaler" were released as singles from the album. A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular is the band's only album with original lead singer Liesje Sadonius.

Arun N. Netravali is an Indian-American computer engineer credited with major contributions in digital technology including HDTV. He conducted seminal research in digital compression, signal processing and other fields. Netravali was the ninth President of Bell Laboratories and has served as Lucent's Chief Technology Officer and Chief Network Architect. He received his undergraduate degree from IIT Bombay, India, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Rice University in Houston, Texas, all in electrical engineering. Several global universities,including the Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Lausanne, Switzerland, have honored him with honorary doctorates.

The Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA) is the governing body for soccer in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The association was formed March 19, 1896 in Brandon.

Alexander Graham Bell honors and tributes Wikimedia list article

Alexander Graham Bell honors and tributes include honours bestowed upon him and awards named for him.

Norman Charles Joseph Beaulieu is a Canadian engineer and former professor in the ECE department of the University of Alberta.

Charles Fleetford Sise Jr. a Canadian businessman. President of Bell Canada from March 25, 1925 to November 1, 1944

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