Thomas William Marley

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Marton Grove, Abbey Rd, Darlington (1906)
Thomas William Marley and his wife Alice moved into this house in 1903 or 1904 Thomas William Marley00.jpg
Marton Grove, Abbey Rd, Darlington (1906)
Thomas William Marley and his wife Alice moved into this house in 1903 or 1904

Thomas William Marley (13 May 1850 14 July 1923), chairman and managing director of the North Brancepeth Coal Co. Ltd., [1] a noted amateur genealogist, and author of a 1919 monograph "The question of the Nationalisation of the Mines". Thomas was the second son of a family of 2 boys and 6 girls of Thomas Marley and Jane Margaret Rayne. [2] He was the nephew of the mining engineer John Marley. Many of his genealogy papers and notebooks are stored by the Northumberland Archives. [3]

Brancepeth village in United Kingdom

Brancepeth is a village and civil parish in County Durham, in England. It is situated about 8 km (5.0 mi) from Durham on the A690 road between Durham and Weardale. The population of the civil parish taken at the 2011 census was 414.


George (b. 1 April 1842)
Sarah Mary (b. 14 June 1844)
Frances Ann (b. 17 July 1846)
Elizabeth Jane (b. 10 November 1848)
Thomas William (b. 13 May 1850)
Margaret Ellen (b. 6 August 1852)
Katherine Jane (b. 12 May 1854)
Edith Marion (b. 28 March 1856)

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