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Thomas Willis (1621–1675) was an English doctor.

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Thomas Willis (1576–1656) was a member of the English landed gentry and Clerk of the Crown in Chancery at the outbreak of the English Civil War, owing to which he suffered the loss of his position and some of his estates. He appears in the 1619 update to the 1575 Visitation of Cambridgeshire, with reference made to his position and ownership of lands at Ashe, Hampshire.

Thomas H. Willis American painter

Thomas H. Willis (1850-1925) was an American painter who combined marine art, folk art, and needlework in his portraits of American and European sailing ships, steamers, and yachts. Willis was apparently born in Connecticut, and lived and worked in New York City for a manufacturer of embroidery thread. His works feature oil painted backgrounds, with vessels constructed of silk, velvet, and embroidery floss.

Thomas Willis is an Australian goalkeeper.

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