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Thomas Young Crowell (1836–1915) [1] was an American bookbinder and publisher, the founder of New York City book publishing company Thomas Y. Crowell Co. Crowell operated the bindery of Benjamin Bradley, deceased 1862, and acquired it in 1870. He started publishing in 1876. He had at least two sons: T. Irving Crowell, who joined the business in 1882, and Jeremiah Osborne Crowell, who was the sales manager in 1882. During his leadership of Thomas Y. Crowell Co., the company issued a profitable line of reference works and a variety of fictional titles also. He died in 1909 at the age of 73 and was succeeded by his son T. Irving Crowell (who was later succeeded by a third generation Robert L. Crowell).[ citation needed ]

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Thomas Y. Crowell Co. was a publishing company founded by Thomas Y. Crowell. The company began as a bookbindery founded by Benjamin Bradley in 1834. Crowell operated the business after Bradley's death in 1862 and eventually purchased the company from Bradley's widow in 1870.

T. Irving Crowell was the son of Thomas Y. Crowell and succeeded him as president of Thomas Y. Crowell Co. after Thomas died in 1909. His brother, Jeremiah Osborne Crowell, was sales manager. Under his leadership, the company continued publishing reference works and fictional titles, and he purchased Collier's Weekly in 1919. He retired in 1937 to have a third generation Robert L. Crowell replace him and move the company towards trade books and biographies.

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