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Thomes Thomesen (1816–1887) was a Norwegian merchant and politician.

He was a merchant, ship-owner and shipbuilder in the town of Kragerø. He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from the city in 1862, and served one term. [1]

Kragerø Municipality in Telemark, Norway

Kragerø is a town and municipality in Telemark county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Vestmar. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Kragerø. The city of Kragerø lies furthest south in the county of Telemark.

Storting supreme legislature of Norway

The Storting is the supreme legislature of Norway, established in 1814 by the Constitution of Norway. It is located in Oslo. The unicameral parliament has 169 members, and is elected every four years based on party-list proportional representation in nineteen plurinominal constituencies. A member of the Storting is known in Norwegian as a stortingsrepresentant, literally "Storting representative".

He was the brother of jurist and politician Ole Thomesen. [2] He was married to Marthine Olea Debes (1825–1876). Through his daughter Fernanda Nissen he was a father-in-law of Lars Holst from 1882; they divorced after Thomes Thomesen's death. [3] Through another daughter, painter Sophie Marie Stoltenberg Thomesen, he was the father-in-law of Erik Werenskiold and grandfather of Werner Werenskiold and Dagfin Werenskiold. [4]

Ole Thomesen was a Norwegian jurist and politician for the Liberal Party. A member of the Norwegian Parliament for five terms, he became known as a radical and liberal politician. He spent his professional career as a jurist working in various parts of Eastern Norway.

Fernanda Nissen Norwegian politician and journalist

Petra Gregorine Fernanda Nissen was a Norwegian journalist, literary critic, theatre critic, politician and feminist pioneer.

Lars Holst Norwegian politician

Lars Kristian Holst was a Norwegian journalist, newspaper editor and politician.

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