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Thomkins Brew, Esq., resident magistrate, fl. August 1843.

Esquire noble title

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A resident magistrate is a title for magistrates used in certain parts of the world, that were, or are, governed by the British. Sometimes abbreviated as RM, it refers to suitably qualified personnel—notably well versed in the law—brought into an area from outside as the local magistrate, typically to be the guiding hand amongst other lay magistrates.

Brew was assaulted while been helped by police in arresting a man engaged in rioting - "that man was McDonagh from a place called Ballyboggan" - at the Fair of Turloughmore, County Galway. This resulted in an affray in which Brew and a number of the policemen were injured. After escaping to the safety of a house owned by a family called Qualter. Their attackers ceased, and some twenty minutes later the police fired a volley of some twenty shots, which resulted in the death of a John Callaghan (murder victim) of Moycullen.

Turloughmore Town in Connacht, Ireland

Turloughmore is a village in County Galway, Ireland. The name means "the large lake," a notable feature of the area, together with the Clare River.

County Galway County in the Republic of Ireland

County Galway is a county in Ireland. It is located in the West of Ireland, part of the province of Connacht.

Moycullen Village in Connacht, Ireland

Moycullen is a Gaeltacht village in County Galway, Ireland, about 10 km (7 mi) northwest of Galway city. It is near Lough Corrib, on the N59 road to Oughterard and Clifden, in Connemara. Moycullen is now a satellite town of Galway with most residents commuting to the city for work, school, and business.

Brew and the policemen were found guilty of wilful murder. The Tuam Herald reported that

The Tuam Herald is a weekly Irish newspaper, founded in 1837 by Richard Kelly, which serves the town of Tuam and County Galway. It has a circulation of about 10,000 copies.

Thomkins Brew, Esq., R.M., has been suspended, pending his trial at the next Galway assizes, under the verdict of the Coroners inquest, for the murder of John Callaghan, by a gunshot inflicted by one a part of police, under the command of Mister Brew at the late fair of Turloughmore, Mister Kirwan, R.M., is to succeed Mister Brew in this district. pro tem.

But Brew was never brought to trial as he was killed in a shooting shortly after. A son, Chartres Brew (1815-70), was a gold commissioner and judge.

Chartres Brew Canadian judge

Chartres Brew was a Gold commissioner, Chief Constable and judge in the Colony of British Columbia, later a province of Canada.

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The parish of Lackagh or Lacagh is located in County Galway, Ireland, approximately halfway between Galway city and Tuam. It is bounded by the parishes of Athenry, Abbeyknockmoy, Corofin, Annaghdown and Claregalway. The River Clare runs through the centre of the parish.

Galway City in Connacht, Ireland

Galway is a city in County Galway in the West of Ireland, in the province of Connacht. It lies on the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay, and is the sixth most populous city in Ireland, with a population at the 2016 Census of 79,934.

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